Does Bloodhunt have spyware?

Gamers noticed some unusual behavior by the game's anti-cheat software.

Image via Sharkmob

Concerned gamers this past week discovered that there was some unusual behavior with Vampire: The Masquerade’s new battle royale Bloodhunt’s software during early access of the game on Steam.

Believing that there could have been spyware involved in the game, people noticed that Bloodhunt’s anti-cheat software would remain running on their computer even after they left the game client.

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Following numerous reports of this supposed “spyware,” Sharkmob issued a statement identifying the reports as bugs. 

“We are working hard to resolve this and hope to have it fixed as soon as we can,” the developers said. “While we wish that we would not have the need to use anti-cheat software in our game, it is absolutely needed to combat cheating. We assure you that we take your privacy & data concerns very seriously and that the anti-cheat is ONLY used for the purposes of catching and banning hackers and cheaters.”

In short, Bloodhunt does not have spyware.

The issues that gamers came across were a now-known bug that Sharkmob is working to fix.