Disney Speedstorm is going into Closed Beta testing on PC in June

Here's your chance to get in on the action.

Image via Disney Speedstorm

Disney’s upcoming kart racer is entering closed beta very soon and you can now apply to take part. Disney Speedstorm is headed to PC and consoles giving fans the opportunity to race around unique tracks as their favorite Disney characters. Registrations for the closed beta—only available for PC—are now live on the game’s official site and things are set to kick off on June 8.

While there hasn’t been a ton of info revealed about the game we do know some characters who make up its roster. These include Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sully from Monsters Inc., Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mulan.

These are some of the characters that we’ve seen in promotional material for the game but there will likely be a lot more and eventually, all of your favorite Disney stars will enter this mix.

When it launches Disney Speedstorm will be a free-to-play game but there will be new content seasons post-launch that may have content for purchase. No details about these have been revealed as of yet.

It isn’t yet clear how long the closed beta testing will last when it kicks off on June 8. It also hasn’t yet been shared when exactly the game will receive its full release, however, this is expected later in the year. For those who want to try the game out soon make sure to sign up for the upcoming beta test which will be available on PC.