Diablo 2: Resurrected technical alpha to begin April 8

Be sure to opt-in.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Players will have their first chance to get hands-on with the highly anticipated Diablo 2 remaster when the technical alpha goes live on April 8.

The game’s full release is set for later in 2021. This alpha period will give select players a taste of what is to come for its full release.

In this alpha period, a select group of players will have the opportunity to play through acts one and two with a choice between three classes, Barbarian, Amazon, and Sorceress.

This initial alpha testing period will run until April 12, however, there are plenty more testing periods to come in the future.

To apply for the alpha, you will need to head over to the game’s website and follow the instructions to opt-in for the technical alpha. After that, all players can do is wait and see if they have been selected as more players get invited over time.

Diablo 2 has long been respected by many players as the best entry point into the series. This remaster will keep all the game’s features and story identical to its initial release, but it will boast a high-quality graphical remaster to keep it fresh.

On release Diablo 2: Resurrected will also include access to the games Lord of Destruction expansion pack providing plenty of content for new players and returning players alike.

Those who have completed the game previously will also be happy to know that you can transfer over your previous save files to load into the remaster and continue playing your characters.