Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade event start and end dates

Get your masks on, folks.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Celebrating the anniversary of the game’s release, the developers at Behaviour Interactive are holding a one-time event for Dead by Daylight. On the advent of the game’s sixth anniversary, players can take part in the Twisted Masquerade event for valuable goodies and all-new gameplay experiences.

Dead by Daylight’s Twisted Masquerade runs from June 16 all the way up to June 30, giving players plenty of time to wring out all of what the event can offer them.

Speaking of what the event can offer you, there are more things that you can count on both hands. Similar to the fifth anniversary of the game, an all-new Twisted Masquerade exclusive Tome has been unlocked within the game for the entire duration of the event. 

This tome contains a multitude of challenges catering to the newest Killer and Survivor, The Dredge and Haddie Kaur, respectively. Progress through the tome to unlock a variety of charms and special cosmetics for the new characters.

During the event, there are also special masks that players can receive. To obtain these masks, players need to collect Invitations to the Masquerade ball during each match. If you escape with all the Invitations as a Survivor or collect them as a Killer, you will be eligible to unlock one of the 12 masks.

There are also a ton of new items added to the game from the start of the event. Frightful Flan is one of the essential new items, providing you with a 106 percent Bloodpoints bonus to every player in the trial. Furthermore, there are new Flashkits, Toolboxes, and Med-Kits for Survivors.

Daily login rewards, new shop cosmetics, decorations, and so much more await players that are ready to take part in Dead by Daylight’s sixth-anniversary event.