Mousesports and Playing Ducks shake up German Counter-Strike

Two of the biggest names in German Counter-Strike have shuffled their rosters

Two of the biggest names in German Counter-Strike have shuffled their rosters.

Traditional powerhouse Mousesports was in dire need of a restructuring. The team lost Aleksi “Allu” Jalli to Finnish side 3DMAX earlier in the week, and that followed the departure of Finn “Karrigan” Andersen, who went to Dignitas.

The team’s results were also lacking late in the year, and manager Christian Lenz was direct in his assessment in the team’s official statement on the matter.

“After a year of moderate results and unstable performances, it’s time for a change in Mousesports,” Lenz said.

The first step for Mousesports was the signing of Fatih “gob b” Dayik. The former professional player had come out of retirement to ring for Mousesports in their time of need, and the organization decided to bring him on officially as the squad’s new captain.

With the addition of Dayik, Mousesports then looked to some of the best domestic players in Germany to complete their new lineup, adding Tobias “Troubley” Tabbert and Michele “Zonixx” Kohler.

Tabbert in particular could prove a big addition for the team. He has for some time been among the top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive performers in Germany. His unexpected release from Planetkey Dynamics made him available for Mousesports to sign, and the team was surely pleased to acquire him.

Not wanting to be outdone, fellow German team Playing Ducks also took the opportunity to revamp its roster. The organization made three additions: Christian “Crisby” Schmitt, Kevin “Keev” Bartholomaus, and Johannes “Tabsen” Wodarz.

The name Wodarz should be familiar to most fans of the game, as he is a former player of Mousesports himself, and will now be looking to outdo his old team as he rejoins Playing Ducks.

The moves may in part have been made in reaction to Penta Sports making adjustments to their own roster in preparation for the new year, even after having staked a claim as the best Counter-Strike team in Germany.

Image via Mousesports/Facebook