Coconut Mall is good again after Nintendo addresses huge fan complaint in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe update

Coconut Mall has been restored to a perfect state.

Screengrab via Nintendo on YouTube

Nintendo has made an adjustment to the Coconut Mall track in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe alongside the release of wave two of its Booster Course Pass DLC.

On the final straightaway on Coconut Mall, there are several cars driven by Shy Guys. In Mario Kart Wii, where the course debuted, the Shy Guys would drive the cars back and forth erratically, presenting a hazard for players as they approached the finish line.

Coconut Mall made a return in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe‘s Booster Course Pass DLC as part of the first wave of release tracks, but fans noticed that the Shy Guy cars at the end had become static—they no longer moved, making them easier to maneuver around.

After fan outcry, Nintendo added moving cars back to the end of Coconut Mall, but this time they come with a twist. Instead of just driving back and forth in a straight line, the Shy Guy cars now spin in circles and swerve out in front of players, creating a trickier hazard than ever. Despite the increase in difficulty, fans appear to be thrilled with the update: the tweet announcing the change has double the likes of the tweet announcing the wave two DLC drop.

Included in wave two of the Booster Course Pass, which is available now for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers and those who’ve purchased the pass separately, are several courses from across Mario Kart history. Players will once again be able to drive through Waluigi Pinball, a fan-favorite track from Mario Kart DS, and plenty of others. The pack also includes a new course, Sky-High Sunday. There are still 48 more courses to be released in four more waves by the end of 2023.