Cloud9 Rumored to Be Picking Up EVO Champion

Many were surprised to see Elliot “Ally” Carroza-oyarce win the recent EVO 2016 Super Smash Bros. 4 event. From the outside, many non-fans who looked at the results found it strange that the event was won by a player who was not sponsored by a major team.

Many were surprised to seeElliot “Ally” Carroza-oyarce win the recent EVO 2016 SuperSmash Bros. 4 event. While certainly proving himself to be a topplayer, no one foresaw the undefeated run that this Canadian playerwould be making.

From the outside, many non-fanswho looked at the results found it strange that the event was wonby a player who was not sponsored by a major team. But it seemslike there is a distinct chance of that changing soon.

As noted by DreamTeam smashplayer ANTi, Ally was recently followed by Cloud9 owner,Jack Etienne. Etienne also liked several tweets involving the callfor an organization or sponsor to pick Ally up. While in somecases, this sort of activity could be labelled as“trollish,” Etienne has been known as nothing butprofessional and likely would not engage in suchactivities.

In response to ANTi’sobservations, Ally had this to say. “NOT GONNA SAY ANYTHING BUT U MAYBE 100% RIGHT.”  Coincidentally, this is an interestingway to “not say anything.”

In the past, current Cloud9Super Smash Bros Melee player Joseph“Mango” Marques has mentioned how he enjoys being theonly Smash Bros. player under Cloud9’s banner and wouldprefer to keep it that way. However, as the two play differentSmash Bros. games with neither crossing over, it would not seem tobe a problem.

If Ally is looking to join theCloud9 family, a big congratulations is due. As the current recordholder for most money won from a single Smash event (both Melee andSmash 4), joining an organization is the logical step forward forhim. He would also help move professional Canada Smash Bros, andCanadian esports in general, forward by making such a bigmove.

This potential move also raisesthe question of who else in the Smash Bros. scene will be picked upnext? The Smash 4 scene in particular has several key Japaneseplayers who have yet to be sponsored, including the silver medalrecipient at this year’s EVO, Kamemushi. American andEuropean organizations have not shied away from sponsoring Asianplayers in other games. Could we see the same event happening inSmash Bros.?

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