Biggest games you missed from the June 28 Nintendo Direct Mini

Fans got some new releases, new launch dates, and more.

Image via Capcom

The Nintendo Direct Mini video went live this morning with 25 minutes of new game announcements, a new look at gameplay, and some release dates for already announced games.

For those unfamiliar with Nintendo Direct showcases, they typically have a theme attached to them, and the June 28 theme is third-party partners. This means that Nintendo-published games would not appear in the showcase, and only third-party developers and publishers would make an appearance.

Here is all of the information you missed from the June 28 Nintendo Direct Mini partner showcase.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak roadmap

Release date: June 30

Screenshot via CAPCOM

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak comes out just a few days after the Direct, but fans got the roadmap for all of the free updates through 2022. The first update sees the addition of several monsters including rare and special species monsters. There will also be a new locale called the Forlorn Arena. That update comes in August. In the fall and winter, more monsters and powered-up monsters will be added to the game.

Super Bomberman R 2

Release date: 2023

Super Bomberman, a highly beloved franchise, will add a new game to its lineup next year. Play with friends in the new Castle mode, where up to 15 players try to blast their way to treasure chests while one defensive player tries to hold them off.

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

Release date: 2023

Ten Mega Man Battle Network games that were originally released on the Gameboy Advance are all coming to the Nintendo Switch in a massive collection, which includes a gallery, and a music mode with over 150 classic Mega Man Battle Network songs.

The entire collection will be available for purchase and will be split into two volumes if you’d like to buy them separately. The Legacy Collection will be available in both physical and digital form, but the volume collections will only be available in digital form. The games will also be available on PlayStation 4 and on Steam, in addition to the Switch.


Release date: February 2023

In this beautiful and emotional game, two unlikely friends must work together to solve puzzles and navigate through the snowy setting. The game is told completely through gameplay and visual cues and includes no text whatsoever. Blanc is couch co-op and online co-op, allowing friends to play this hand-drawn game with friends who are both near and far away.


Release date: Nov. 4

This brightly-colored, live-simulation RPG will allow players to do farmwork, explore the land, and meet people along the way. Quietus, the season of death will give players a hard time when it comes for their crops and threatens their lives. Players will need to prevent Quietus from destroying the land and everyone who lives on it.

Dragon Quest Treasures

Release date: Dec. 9

Players will control Erik and Mia as they explore a treasure hunter’s paradise. They’ll recruit monsters for their unique loot-finding abilities as they hunt for treasure. Their monsters will also help them traverse the land, and battle against other rival treasure hunters.

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Release date: Early access Sept. 6

Disney and Pixar characters lived in harmony until the Forgetting turned the land into a nightmare. Bring back memories, build the town anew, and build friendships with both heroes and villains in this cute life sim. The game got an early access release date of Sept. 6, which will require the purchase of a Founder’s Pack to play.

Other things you missed:

Nier: Automata The End of YoRHa Edition – port announced for Oct. 6

Mario and Rabbids – new trailer and Ubisoft special showcase June 29

Sonic Frontiers – new gameplay

Minecraft Legends – gameplay reveal

Pacman World Repack – launches Aug. 26

Return to Monkey Island – new trailer

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise – out now

RAILGRADE – releases this fall

PRG Time: The Legend of Wright – releases Aug. 18

Live A Live – releases July 21

Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom – launches 2022

Portal Companion Collection – available today

Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal – coming to the Nintendo Switch