Bethesda fans finally get a glimpse of Redfall gameplay

The game is scheduled to arrive in 2023.

Image via Bethesda

Gameplay for Arkane Studios’ upcoming vampire-centric shooter Redfall is finally here and it looks to be a unique spin on the usual zombie shooter formula.

In the new footage revealed at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12, we get a glimpse of the game’s story. The trailer explains how the vampires came to be, reveals the human threat at play, and shows the dire reasons that the team needs to take them down.

“Redfall used to look like it was straight out of a postcard,” the trailer says. “A picturesque island off the coast of Massachusetts. Then, something happened. People started vanishing and those who didn’t, sold out big time. Fast forward, everyone is either a vampire, a cultist trying to become a vampire, or dead.”

One of the game’s protagonists continues. “These aren’t just trashy movie vampires, these monsters blocked out the sun and pushed back all of the water, totally cut us off from the outside world.”

The new footage also introduced players to the team that they will fight as in Redfall, all with their own unique skills. Devinder is a cryptozoologist, Layla is a college student with telekinesis, Remi is a combat engineer, and Jacob is an ex-military sharpshooter.

Redfall is made by Arkane Studios Austin, the studio that crafted 2021’s surprise hit Deathloop. Right now, Redfall doesn’t have a release date.

Initially, the game was set to launch later this year; however, on May 12 Bethesda announced that it would be delayed alongside their sci-fi epic Starfield which also revealed its first gameplay footage today.

As of right now, Redfall is set to launch sometime in 2023. It will be made available for Xbox Game Pass customers on launch. You can check out the new footage below.