Bethesda unveils first gameplay of Starfield

There will be plenty to explore.

Image via Bethesda

After many months of anticipation, Bethesda has finally revealed to fans a glimpse at one of their newest original IPs, Starfield.

Today during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, the first gameplay for Starfield was shown, letting fans finally see the wide-open lands of this sci-fi title and the inhabitants that players will eventually come face-to-face with.

Players will have plenty of locations to explore, as shown in this new footage, with the story taking them all across the lands from barren deserts to forests and large cities.

Starfield looks to have taken aspects from many of Bethesda’s previous projects, most notably Fallout. Like this game, players will create a completely original character for each playthrough and make decisions that will change aspects of the game.

Players will not only need to get skilled with the game’s gunplay but there is also an in-depth crafting system required to make resources and other items. You’ll also have the opportunity to craft your own spaceship and base. You can hire other characters to work on your crew or at your base.

Initially, Starfield was set to launch later this year; however, on May 12 it was announced that the game would be delayed. Right now, Starfield does not have a release date. The game is expected to land in 2023 for Xbox Series consoles and PC. It will also be available to play on day one via Xbox Game Pass.

You can check out the Starfield gameplay trailer below.