Bandai Namco donates $850,000 to Save the Children for humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Bamco is the latest gaming company to send monetary aid.

Image via Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco has announced it will be donating ¥100 million, or around $852,600, to support humanitarian causes in Ukraine amidst the ongoing Russian invasion. 

Specifically, the company is donating over $852,000 to Save the Children, which provides emergency aid and other support to children and their families during natural disasters, war, and other conflicts. 

“The Bandai Namco Group has decided to make a donation of 100 million yen to Save the Children in support of their humanitarian cause for people affected by the crisis in Ukraine and seeking refuge outside the country,” Bandai said. “We hope that the people and communities affected by this crisis will be able to return to peaceful days as soon as possible.” 

With this donation, Bandai joins the likes of Riot Games, The Pokémon Company, Activision Blizzard, Niantic, Unity, and multiple other companies and organizations that have donated to support various humanitarian efforts working to assist in helping those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

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Bandai has not made a comment on suspending sales of its software, such as its recently released blockbuster Elden Ring, in Russia at the moment. Larger publishers such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have joined Activision, Bungie, and many others in halting a majority of their business in the region.