’s indie game bundle fundraises over $1 million for Ukraine relief charities

The bundle features over 900 indie games.

Photo by UP9/CC BY SA 3.0

In only 16 hours, an indie developer-created project has raised over $1 million for two charities providing relief in Ukraine.

A collective of over 700 indie creators on, a digital games distribution website, put together a humongous bundle. The bundle for Ukraine boasted a collection of over 900 indie game titles, worth an approximate value of $6,500 in total. With only a $10 minimum to gain access to every title in the bundle, donated all funds to relief assistance in Ukraine amidst the ongoing conflict.

Screengrab via @necrosofty

“The people of Ukraine are under attack. As game developers we want to create new worlds, not to destroy the one we have,” the bundle’s description reads, “That’s why we’ve banded together to present this charity bundle to help Ukrainians survive this ordeal and thrive after the war ends. This cause has resonated with creators around the globe, to the extent that our bundle contains almost 1,000 games, tabletop RPGs, books, etc.”

Also listed in the description, all proceeds will be split between the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. The Medical Corps is providing medical assistance and relief in the region, and 89 percent of all donations will go directly to medical aid and supplies.

Voice of Children is a Ukrainian charity organization that helps children exposed to the war. This charity includes PTSD counseling, reintegrating children back into schools, and has taken up impromptu work during the conflict such as setting up shelters.

While the bundle is only available for $10, heavily encourages that all potential buyers pay above the minimum. With titles such as Superhot, Inmost, and many others, players are getting more than their money’s worth out of this bundle.

The set of over 900 games will be available for purchase until Friday, March 18.