Among Us update history: Newest Among Us updates with patch notes

Innersloth's massive hit has changed quite a bit since its launch.

Image via Innersloth

Four years on from its release, no one really expected Among Us to become quite as big of a smash hit as it is today. For a while, it seemed like everyone was taking on the role of Crewmate or Impostor, from popular content creators to kids on their parents’ phones. Among Us merchandise-filled stores, the social media team created hilarious memes and posts that kept players coming back for more, and the game even ended up making an appearance on Jeopardy.

Developer Innersloth hasn’t sat by idly while the game experienced its wild upward trend. The team has been fantastic about responding to fan comments, bug reports, and feature requests on its devblog, which is updated about once a month. The devblog is also where patch notes and other updates are detailed, and it’s here that you can see just how far Among Us has come from its 2018 launch.

Here are all major Among Us patch updates, listed from newest to oldest.

Horse Mode – March 31, 2022

While technically not an update, Horse Mode did, in fact, change the game. For just one day, Innersloth’s 2022 April Fools joke changed all player characters to horses and added unique sound effects and visuals to make players laugh.

Patch notes:

  • Among Us Crewmates and Impostors are reimagined as a more cursed four-legged version of themselves
  • A new “neigh” kill sound
  • A new (anti-climatic) kill animation for Impostors
  • “Horsemates” can only wear hats and visors for this update

Friends List – March 31, 2022

Released on the same day as Horse Mode, Friends List grants each registered player a unique friend code and allows them to send and receive friend requests within the game. Players can also block others and see who they’ve recently been in a game with.

Patch notes:

This update was v2022.3.29 on all platforms. 

  • A unique friend code
  • The ability to send and receive friend requests
  • Invite friends to your own lobby  
  • See who you recently played with  
  • The ability to block players
  • The ability to show/hide your friend code
  • The ability to turn off/on lobby invite notifications (this can be toggled in Settings)

Notes about the friends list:

  • There is no offline/online status for friends yet  
  • You can turn lobby notifications on and off
  • Child accounts will need additional permissions from parents/guardians to access their friends list

Other miscellaneous updates:

  • Removed the ability to link/unlink existing accounts
  • Screen shake can now be toggled on and off in PC 
  • Cosmetics are arranged in a different order 

Xbox and PlayStation release – December 14, 2021

Among Us launched on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStations 4 and 5 on December 14, 2021. Alongside the launch, console players were treated to an update that included roles, Cosmicubes, and achievements.

Patch notes:


  • Scientist: Can access vitals at any time
  • Engineer: Can use vents like impostors
  • Guardian Angel: Can cast a protection shield around remaining crew members

Impostor role

  • Shapeshifter: Can disguise themselves by morphing into any other crewmate


  • New skins, hats, and pets have been added
  • Nameplates, visor cosmetics, and other new types of cosmetics have been added


  • Xbox and PlayStation players have achievements to work toward
Among Us
Screengrab via Innersloth

PC roles and Cosmicubes – November 9, 2021

Before roles and Cosmicubes came to console, PC players were able to check them out. Roles allow players to take on different traits and tasks in each match, while Cosmicubes are branching customization trees that give players the chance to change up their look. This update also brought account linking, achievements, and other small updates.

Patch notes:

Crewmate roles

  • Scientist: Can access vitals at any time. Complete tasks to recharge your battery
  • Engineer: Can use vents like impostors
  • Guardian Angel: Cast a protection shield around remaining crewmates

Impostor role

  • Shapeshifter: Disguise yourself by morphing into any other crewmate


  • Cosmicubes are new customization options – both free and paid. Change up your look with visor cosmetics and special nameplates, plus unlock additional pets, hats, and skins
  • Even more themed items are now unlockable via the new branching Cosmicube system: play the game, gather resources, and reap the rewards of your tasks

New currencies and resources

  • Cosmicubes: Special cosmetic cubes that have themed items that can be unlocked via a branching path. These items tend to be more special or detailed. Different Cosmicubes are bought using Beans or Stars, but their contents can only be unlocked by earning Pods through gameplay
  • Beans: Resource awarded through normal online gameplay. Use them to redeem cosmetics and some Cosmicubes in the store
  • Stars: Among Us‘ premium currency resource. These can be bought in the game and used to purchase special items and some Cosmicubes
  • Pods: Gathered through gameplay if players have a Cosmicube activated. Each Cosmicube has a different type of Pod associated with its contents. Pods cannot be transferred between Cosmicubes
  • XP: Experience given based on playtime. Is only used for character leveling and provides multiplier bonuses for Beans and Pods earned whenever you gain a new level.

Account linking

  • Aggregate and link your Among Us account to different platforms. For most platforms, you’ll be able to log in, link, and save your progress and cosmetics using the same account

Controller changes

  • The “vent” action is no longer attached to the main action button. To vent, press V on the keyboard or the right shoulder button on controllers
  • Sabotage is no longer attached to the main action button. To access the sabotage map, Impostors can open up their map using the tab key on keyboards or left trigger on controllers
  • If you have a special role, the action for that role is accessed via the F key on keyboards or right trigger on controllers. This includes the engineer’s vent ability


  • Stats that affect your achievements will persist across all linked platforms
  • You need to perform the actual action that would unlock that achievement to trigger it on another platform

Vent Cleaning – June 30, 2021

On June 30, 2021, a small patch was released that added vent cleaning, a new task for crewmates. It also added language support for Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Irish.

Patch notes:

New additions:

  • Vent cleaning task: Cleaning the vent will prevent any impostors from using that specific vent, but Impostors can still use other vents and the vent will be usable once it’s cleaned. If an Impostor is already camping out in a vent and then you start cleaning that vent, it’ll remove them with a dramatic sound and their identity will be revealed
  • New languages: Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Irish localization added

Bug fixes:

  • Getting stuck in place after a meeting is fixed
  • Scaling on “SHH” screen fixed
  • Geoff eyepatch is now back to being a mask
  • Clouds in the Airship no longer move in the wrong direction
  • Upload Data phone colors fixed
  • All major buttons are now localized
  • Android black screen fixed
  • iOS startup crash fixed
  • Other minor visual and localization bug fixes

15-player lobbies – June 16, 2021

15-player lobbies were added to celebrate Among Us‘ third birthday back in 2021. The update also added new character colors, mobile controller support, and bug fixes.

Patch notes:


  • An improved art style
  • 6 brand-new colors: Tan, Gray, Banana, Rose, Maroon, and Coral
  • Mobile controller support
  • A new kill screen meeting menu that indicates who died between rounds
  • Ability to honk horn added to the Airship
  • Android users must now complete additional downloads after launching the game for the first time

Bug fixes:

  • The shop works in multiple languages again 
  • Right Hand Man skin kill animation makes the correct sound again
  • Kick/Ban icon remains persistent on-screen if chat is open after voting ends 
  • Ability to change the chat type (Free Chat VS Quick Chat) in the game settings is more clear if you’re logged in 
  • Various localization fixes 
  • Players will stop moving when meetings are called
Image via InnerSloth

Twitch and Discord mobile integration – May 10, 2021

This update allowed players to link their Discord and Twitch accounts to the mobile version of the game in order to share room code invites and stream directly from mobile devices.

Patch notes:

Twitch mobile streaming integration 

  • Players can now start streaming Among Us on Twitch straight from their mobile device

Discord integration

  • Players can now link their Discord account to the app (on mobile) and then share a room code invite by pressing the Discord button next to the private/public button in the room lobby
  • Mobile devices and PC players can also easily join room invites from Discord. From PC, players can send an invite via Discord as well as join off of an invite

Bug fixes

  • Crewmate sprites appearing as pink polygons on Android devices should be fixed
  • Skins not appearing in the Airship bundle purchased should now be there
  • Region text no longer continually shows North America on opening screen
  • iOS users no longer need to sign in every time the game opens

Airship – March 31, 2021

This update brought the new Airship map to the game as well as a variety of new cosmetics, new tasks, new areas to explore, and more.

Patch notes:


  • Airship, the fourth map and the biggest one yet 
  • New tasks, including jewel polishing, emptying trash, and more 
  • The ability to pick the room you start in 
  • New areas to explore
  • Improved mobility with ladders and moving platforms 
  • New free hats including a heart pin, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, rubber glove, and more
Image via Innersloth

Balance update – November 24, 2020

This update brought small changes to the comms system and fixed several bugs. It also teased the upcoming Airship map.

Patch notes:

Balance changes

  • Communications sabotage now hides task arrows 
  • Communications red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed camera flinging on security cams 
  • Fixed inaccurate admin table on Polus 
  • Fixed Polus panels reachable through walls 
  • Fixed temperature mini-game in Polus for iOS 
  • Fix solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit 
  • Fix align engine exploit and softlock 

Anonymous voting – November 3, 2020

This patch introduced the ability to vote anonymously as well as a handful of other new options for lobby makers.

Patch notes:


  • Added anonymous voting option where all votes will appear as gray
  • Added Task Bar Modes: Always mode works like normal, Meeting mode only updates the taskbar during meetings, and Invisible mode removes the taskbar entirely
  • MIRA: Comms sabotage clears the security logs
  • Added symbols to the fix wires task
  • Added cosmetics to the meeting screen
  • Various bug fixes

Polus – November 12, 2019

This update launched the Polus map, which arrived with new tasks, a new type of security system, new rooms, and more.

Patch notes:

Polus features (requires Among Us version 2019.11.12 or newer)

  • A spacious planet base larger than either previous map
  • 12 new tasks
  • A unique type of security system
  • New door mechanics
  • A bathroom

MIRA HQ – August 8, 2019

This update introduced the MIRA HQ map, which included eight new tasks, a new type of security system, a new sabotage, and more for players to enjoy.

Patch notes:

MIRA HQ features

  • A tightly-packed headquarters roughly the size of The Skeld
  • Eight new tasks
  • A unique type of security system
  • A new sabotage
  • New door and vent mechanics

Pets – June 7, 2019

This update allowed players to purchase and equip pets, a new cosmetic option. It also included bug fixes.

Patch notes:


  • Introduced 5 pairs of pets that cost $3 USD each

Bug fixes

  • Fixed players being unable to move after killing all dummies in free play
  • Fixed players not spawning in after hitting play again and seeing “Waiting for Host”
  • Fixed Black Tux turning into Police skin during gun kill animation
  • Fixed impostor being able to kill during the first seconds of a round
  • Fixed sabotage/kill cooldown shader
  • Based default chat language on detected OS language (new users only)

Improved meetings – May 8, 2019

This update added voting notifications to the chat screen, improved the game’s obscenity filter, and gave players the option to vote to kick someone.

Patch notes:

Major changes

  • Voting notifications added to chat
  • Improved chat and name filter to catch more obscenities
  • Players can now vote to kick players during matches

Smaller changes

  • The map can now be opened and closed with the tab key (PC in mouse and keyboard mode only)
  • Fixed sound not stopping in calibrator task when interrupted.
  • Added missing Cyrillic characters such as ё
  • The game now shows the full crew when the impostor disconnects
  • Players can no longer use oxygen room consoles from the cafeteria
  • Fixed the “number of impostors” setting getting stuck at a lower value after starting a room under capacity
  • Reduced the chances of closing doors pushing players out of bounds
  • Reduced the chance of the number of impostors becoming zero
  • Fixed some common crashes

Skins – February 15, 2019

Innersloth released skins in a surprise update on February 15, 2019. There are nine total, and each includes a matching hat.

Patch notes:


  • Added nine skins, each with a matching hat. The white suit is a new hat: if players owned the hat, then they get the skins for free! PC players received all skins for free

2019 minor updates – January 25, 2019

This small update added filters to help players find games in their language and started giving a 5-minute ban to players who leave games in the middle of a match.

Patch notes:


  • Players can filter open games to find ones in different languages

Smaller changes

  • Players who leave games or close the app in the middle of a game are now banned for five minutes
  • Impostors can now use the medbay scanner

Bugs that have been fixed:

  • Sabotages would sometimes start after a meeting started
  • The scan animation would sometimes play while the player was able to move around
  • The Find Game list sometimes has a ship in the background
  • Rounding caused game options text to be inconsistent
  • Players could accidentally report bodies through the map screen

Beta exit – November 8, 2018

This update was issued the day before Among Us officially left beta. It adjusted the game’s pricing and fixed several bugs.

Patch notes:


  • Moving forward, Among Us will cost $5 on Steam,, and Kartridge
  • The mobile version will remain free with ads, but the cost to remove ads has been dropped to $3


  • Added an Announcements section to the game
  • Improved “How to play” (especially for PC)
  • Fixed a random freeze when meeting starts
  • Fixed a black screen just before intro plays
  • Made spawning into the stars less likely (the host sees it as player spawning in without a name)
  • Fixed masking issue on the “recommended settings” checkbox
  • Fixed the garbage task some more
Image via Innersloth

Balance tweaks – October 29, 2018

This small update fixed several early bugs and adjusted the timers on some tasks to be fairer.

Patch notes:

Recommended settings

  • The “Reset to Defaults” button has become a “Recommended Settings” checkbox. When checked, the number of impostors and kill cooldown settings will be automatically adjusted based on the number of players in a given lobby

Resolution Options (PC Only)

  • The Options section now includes a tab for graphics settings. PC players can now fix odd resolution issues on their end


  • Fixed a black screen of death
  • Fixed the game ignoring skipped votes
  • Fixed game settings that didn’t sync right when the host changed
  • Fixed name entry with the “Join” button for local games not working
  • The garbage chute should get stuck less often
  • Added steam sounds in engines
  • Added a kill sound for impostor

Balance adjustments

  • Reduced “upload data” from 12 to eight seconds
  • Reduced “fix wires” from four to three stops
  • Reduced “inspect sample” from four to one samples, but increased the sample processing time from 15 to 60 seconds

Discussion timer – October 11, 2018

This update added a timer to discussion, a feature requested by many players. It also changed the way hosting works.

Patch notes

Discussion timer

  • Added an option to disable voting for the first 0 to 120 seconds of each meeting

Consistent hosts

  • Adjusted the way rejoining the server works when the server is closed: the person who creates the room always has the host role until they leave. All other players must wait for the host to rejoin or leave before they can rejoin. If the host leaves, the next person who joined will become the host

Kick/ban controls – September 30, 2018

This update allowed players who hosted a match to kick or ban users. It also made changes to doors and added new sound effects plus ambient noise.

Patch notes:

Ban menu

  • Hosts now have the power to kick or ban players. Kicked players can rejoin before the game starts or after each round when everyone is in the lobby. Banned players will not be able to rejoin the game they were banned from
  • The menu is only available when the chat screen is also available

Doors and sabotages

  • Doors can no longer be closed after a sabotage has started
  • Sabotages can’t be started with doors closed

New sound effects

  • Most panels now have sounds
  • There are now ambient sound effects in Medbay and Weapons

Find game – September 23, 2018

This update added the “Find Game” option on the main menu, which allows players to find games online that are being hosted by others. It also included new sound effects, a UI redesign, and lobby chat.

Patch notes:

Game finder

  • The Play Online menu now has a new button that will show a list of available games.
  • All games start as private, but those settings can be changed after creating a lobby

Sound effects

  • Added ambient sounds and footsteps as players move from room to room

UI redesign

  • Lobby UI has been redesigned: buttons are grayed out when not usable
  • The “Use” button is now context-sensitive for impostors so it’s easier to use sabotages
  • The task window can now be closed

Small changes

  • Players can now chat and organize their game before it starts
  • The play online screen remembers the last used game code until a player quits the game
  • Players can now pick between short, normal, and long kill distance using the lobby computer

Bug Fixes

  • Players should be far less likely to spawn into space before and after a game
  • Players should no longer occasionally spawn duplicates
  • The “Clean O2 Filter” task can no longer be started through the cafeteria wall
  • Multiple impostors cannot start multiple sabotages at the same time
  • The Security door can now be closed
  • The game no longer soft locks when a player is exiled as impostor during free play
  • Various other fixes, like some panels not auto-closing after completion

In-game chat UI – August 25, 2018

This update allowed players to chat through an in-game UI, Discord invite badges on PC, and a new intro screen for the game.

Patch notes:

In-game chat and UI

  • A chat system has been integrated into the discussion UI

Discord integration (PC only)

  • Invite badges have been added to Discord so players can more easily see who’s hosting and join games without a code

Other changes

  • Players will need the newest version of Among Us to play online now
  • Players will now receive a pop-up notification when someone leaves the game
  • Added a new intro screen
  • Improved graphics quality in fullscreen mode (PC only)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

PC and online release – August 17, 2018

This was the first PC release for Among Us. This update allowed players to play online and on a platform other than iOS and Android.

Patch notes:


  • Among Us is now available on PC
  • Netcode overhauled for Android and iOS
  • Online play is now available