Among Us term ‘sus’ makes it onto Jeopardy

"Slang adjective for someone you think is not what they seem."

Image via Innersloth

Among Us took the world by storm when it was thrust into the spotlight in 2020 and now two years on the game is making appearances in other mainstream media. During a recent episode of the long-running game show Jeopardy, a phrase from the incredibly popular murder-mystery game was featured.

In the episode, the cue for players was “slang adjective for someone you think is not what they seem, especially if they might be the impostor in the game ‘Among Us’.”

Of course, the answer was the word “sus,” which wasn’t invented by InnerSloth for the game but was definitely popularized by Among Us. “Sus” is just shorthand for the word “suspect” and its origins trace back to British police slang. The show’s contestants had no trouble with the cue and guessed the answer in just seconds.

When it was released back in 2018, InnerSloth could never have expected their game would become so popular that it would feature on Jeopardy. While the first two years of Among Us weren’t anything special, in 2020 the game was adopted by the streaming community which led to its overwhelming spike in popularity.

With this momentum, InnerSloth has continued to add new content to the game to keep players coming back. Alongside this new content, the game has been released on a variety of different consoles after initially launching was for both PC and mobile.