Among Us Horse Mode available only on April Fools’ Day

You ready for some four-legged Impostors?

Image via InnserSloth

This April Fools’ Day, a lot of surprising and unreal announcements are circulating. But in the case of InnerSloth’s deduction game sensation Among Us, the devs are giving something real to the fans: the Horse Mode.

Among Us took inspiration from its post last year showing the classic red character in the form of a horse to create this one-day-only mode. Of course, the character has retained how it looks, except for its four-legged figure that really makes it look like a horse.

Now, InnerSloth has made this fantasy a reality, calling it a “cursed mode” as part of its April Fools’ Day celebration. And the devs are “not sorry” to do that. The Horse Mode comes with a matching horse sound effect and players can try it on all the colors available in the game.

A new “neigh” kill sound is also available, voiced by InnerSloth’s own programmer Gary, as well as a new kill animation for the Impostors that’s described as “anticlimactic.” Players can enjoy this mode just for today. It will disappear tomorrow, April 2, at 7pm CT.

But for now, enjoy trying this “cursed mode” while it lasts. Among Us is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS platforms.