All of the esports award winners from The Game Awards 2020

Here's who came out on top in 2020.

Image via The Game Awards

Esports kicked off the show at The Game Awards in 2020, putting competitive gaming at the forefront.

A total of six esports-themed awards were given out at The Game Awards in 2020, and they were all awarded in the pre-show before the main event even began.

While esports definitely were not the focus of this year’s show, some top talent in the esports industry were recognized with a pretty cool statue. And that’s pretty awesome.

Here’s who won the esports-themed awards at The Game Awards 2020, including Best Esports Athlete announced by ESPN’s own Stephen A. Smith.

Best Esports Game: League of Legends

Best Esports Coach: Zonic

Best Esports Event: League of Legends World Championship 2020

Best Esports Host: Sjokz

Best Esports Team: G2 Esports

Best Esports Athlete: Showmaker