All leaked information about Sumeru, the upcoming Dendro region in Genshin Impact

A new region will soon be available for players to explore.

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At the core of Genshin Impact are unique Elements that tie into every character’s design, personality, and skill set as well as the overall look and culture throughout the various regions of Teyvat. Elements are the very heart of Genshin Impact, and yet one of the seven Elements has been missing since the game launched.

Players have had access to Pyro, Anemo, Electro, Cryo, Geo, and Hydro since Genshin Impact launched. Dendro, the greenery and earth-based Element, has been missing. However, the storyline and recent information that has been uncovered by the Genshin Impact leak community indicates that Sumeru, the Dendro region of Teyvat, will be arriving in the game soon.

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Sumeru is expected to launch when the Version 3.0 update goes live in late 2022. This means that the Dendro Element will finally be available for Genshin players sometime in the near future.

Everything we know about Sumeru

Here is everything that has been leaked or revealed by miHoYo for Sumeru, the upcoming Dendro region that will soon arrive to expand the world of Teyvat.

Dendro region

Sumeru is a Dendro-based region just as Mondstadt is Anemo-based, Liyue is Geo-based, and Inazuma is Electro-based. This means the new Dendro region will be overall Dendro-themed.

Genshin Impact’s Version 2.8 Special Program unveiled a first look at what the Dendro region will look like. Because Dendro is an earth-based element, the region will be very lush, green, and vibrant.

Image via miHoYo
Image via miHoYo
Image via miHoYo
Image via miHoYo
Image via miHoYo

The design for Dendroculus, which players will need to gather many of to fully level up the Statues of Seven located around Sumeru, was also uncovered through Genshin Impact leaks. Its design features bright green leaves surrounding its core which prominently display the Dendro Elemental symbol.

Sumeru characters

A new region in Genshin Impact also means many new characters. An entire cast of characters was recently unveiled through leaks for the Sumeru region. There are seven characters in total and the group is pictured below.

Image via Frinemy on YouTube

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This group of seven characters was unveiled in pieces through smaller leaks over time and then later fully unveiled in the previous image as a whole at the same time. Their suspected names, star ratings, and abilities are as follows.

  • Al Haitham is believed to be a five-star Dendro Sword character.
  • Dehya is believed to be a five-star Pyro Claymore character.
  • Tighnari is believed to be a five-star Dendro Bow character.
  • Nilou is believed to be a five-star Hydro Sword character.
  • Collei is believed to be a four-star Dendro Bow character.
  • Dori is believed to be a four-star Electro Claymore character.
  • Nahida is believed to be a five-star Dendro Catalyst character.

A complete look at all of the character’s full models and appearances was also discovered by the Genshin Impact leak community.

Al Haitham







Outside of this cast of seven characters, a few others have also been discovered through Genshin Impact leaks and directly from miHoYo. These characters are also expected to launch at some point during the Version 3.0 update and are as follows:


Another character who will arrive during a later piece of the Sumeru Version 3.0 update was previously highlighted by miHoYo in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview. This character’s name is thought to be Cyno. He is possibly an Electro Polearm character. The Chapter Storyline Preview was published in Sep. 2020 and highlighted the character would be released with Sumeru at some point in the future.

Image via miHoYo


Players have met Scaramouche a few times during the Genshin Impact storyline and have been wondering for some time if and when the character would become playable. Scaramouche is the sixth member of the Fatui’s 11 Harbingers and leaks suggest he will become playable at some point during Version 3.0. It is believed Scaramouche will be both playable as well as a weekly boss as is the case with the Raiden Shogun in Inazuma.

Image via miHoYo


The only Dendro character players have regularly come in contact with in Genshin is Baizhu, who runs Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue. Leaks suggest the previously unplayable character may become someone players can recruit during one of the Version 3.0 updates.

Image via miHoYo

Yao Yao

An adorable Dendro character named Yao Yao has been uncovered a few times in the Genshin Impact leak community. Because she is a Dendro character, most members of the community believe she will be released at some point during Version 3.0.

A few other names, including Kandake, Layla, and Faruzan, have also been circulating around the leak community. However, no solid information beyond their suspected names has been uncovered thus far.

The suspected banner schedule for all Sumeru characters highlights they will likely be released across each Version 3.0 update. This schedule is as follows.

Sumeru character namecards

Leaks suggest players who maximize their friendship with the new Sumeru characters will be able to unlock a series of stunning new name cards. Some of the new name cards are Dendro-themed to match their respective characters.

New enemies and animals

The region of Sumeru will also bring many new foes for players to face as well as new animals to add life to the wild. These creatures are as follows.

Mushroom Raptor

Ruin Gargoyle

Mushroom spores

Electro Regisvine



Desert Bandits

Sumeru weapons

Several new weapons that will arrive alongside the Sumeru update have also been uncovered by the Genshin leak community.

Ayus Bow

A new green, Dendro-themed bow is expected to arrive at some point during the Version 3.0 update. This bow is believed to be a five-star.

Another image of the five-star bow was uncovered alongside a new glider. This glider will likely be free for all players upon fully leveling up their City Reputation by completing bounties, quests, world exploration, and requests.

Fish bow

A special fish-themed bow, which may remind regular Genshin Players of the Luxurious Sea-Lord Claymore, is believed to be another fishy four-star weapon that players can attain for free during an event.

Four-star “Arakalari” weapons

A new series of four-star weapons that will be released at some point during the Sumeru 3.0 update was discovered by the Genshin leak community. This weapon series is believed to be called the “Arakalari” series and features one of each weapon type.