All items in the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition

It's the complete package for fans.

Image via Nintendo

The very first announcement in September’s jam-packed Nintendo Direct was Fire Emblem Engage, a brand-new Switch entry in the long-running turn-based strategy franchise. The game looks to bring together many of the series’ previous games in the form of rings that allow the main character to summon the spirits of other Fire Emblem heroes in battle. It also seems to include some of the more recent entries’ community-building mechanics, like Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ explorable hub world.

The game doesn’t come out until Jan. 20, 2023, but Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have already revealed a good bit about the game’s special edition. Known as the Divine Edition, this physical box set will include plenty of goodies for dedicated fans. As of this writing, the Divine Edition isn’t yet available for sale, but it’s likely that it will appear on the market soon.

Here is everything in the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition set.

All items in the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition

Everything included in the Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition.
Image via Nintendo

Game and Steelbook

The Divine Edition includes one physical copy of Engage and a special metal SteelBook that features the game’s full cover art without the text, ESRB rating, or Nintendo logo of the normal packaging. If you’re the kind of person who prefers cartridges to digital downloads or simply doesn’t have enough space on their Switch for another download, the Divine Edition has you covered. SteelBooks also make for exceptional display items.


Also included in the Divine Edition is a large poster featuring a piece of the game’s key art, which can also be seen on the oversized box that the entire package comes in. It’s not clear how large the poster is, but based on its size relative to everything else in the image, it seems to be fairly large. We’ll update this list with size details if Nintendo releases them.

Art Cards

One of the more unique parts of the Divine Edition is its set of art cards. Each card features art of a single hero from one of the series’ previous games, each of whom presumably makes an appearance in Engage. The cards also feature the hero’s name and the name of the game they first appeared in. The initial Divine Edition reveal didn’t specify how many cards are in the pack, but there will likely be one for each hero.

Art Book

The best part of the Divine Edition for most fans will likely be the included art book. It appears to be hardcover and includes several pages of concept art, sketches, and design information for the game’s characters. At this point, art books are a franchise staple: several previous Fire Emblem games have included art books in their special editions, including Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Fates.

Fire Emblem Engage will release on Jan. 20, 2023.