Abios’ iOs eSports App

Today, Abios launch the most diverse esports coverage app in the world.

This new intuitive app for yourphone, allows you to have access to 3000 matches, events, streams,scores and more every month and all in one place. This is anotherpiece of Abios’ portfolio of coverage, adding to theiralready successful website and Google Chrome extension and aims tooffer you “the best way to follow esports” .

Anton Janér, founder andCTO at Abios said that you can “follow everything from LoL toCSGO, CoD and Smash”. This combined with the incorporation ofstreaming platforms such as Twitch, Hitbox, Azubu, MLG andDaily Motion, everymatch you want to see, this app has you covered.


The aim of this app is to makefollowing esports “super-easy”. They also state that“(esports) is a global game- so it needs globalcoverage”. For ease of use, the Abios app can organise allupcoming events into your calendar.


“We are excited to bringusers the first App where they can follow and receivenotifications, not only for when their favourite streamers go live,but also their favourite teams, players andtournaments”.


Abios say, “Today fans canfind the latest calendar information not just on our website andextension, but also our iOS App, no matter where they are in theworld.”


Here are the games being coveredby the new app:
• League ofLegends
• Dota 2
• Call ofDuty
• Heroes of theStorm
• Smite
• StarCraftII
• Smash
• World ofWarcraft
• Heroes ofNewerth

If you are interested ingrabbing yourself this awesome app for your iOs devices,click here for more information on how to download it.What do you think of this announcement? Let us know in commentsbelow and for the latest updates on all the esports news, make sureyou follow our Twitter at @GAMURScom.