Former OpTic Gaming Gears of War team temporarily joins TOX Gaming

Former OpTic Gaming players are reuniting.

Screengrab via Gears of War

One of the most dominant teams in esports history, OpTic Gaming’s former Gears of War team, has found a temporary home following their departure from OpTic on July 1.

In an interesting turn of events, they have joined TOX Gaming, the organization OpTic’s former world championship roster formed after their release from OpTic in March 2018. The Gears team will not be staying forever, though, since this signing is apparently a temporary solution.

The team will be competing under TOX at the Gears 5 ELEAGUE Invitational on July 13 and 14, but they will continue to search for another organization to sign with after the weekend to represent throughout Gears of War 5. But considering their incredible track record, any organization interested in Gears esports should be calling this team.

In fact, the team won 17 of the 19 total Gears of War 4 events, making them quite honestly one of the only teams organizations should be considering if they value winning above all else.