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Where to set off fireworks at Lazy Lake in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 3

Get into the spirit of July 4.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Weekly, secret, and milestone challenges aren’t the only tasks you can complete in Fortnite.

A small Easter egg quick challenge was added to the game earlier today. This challenge is likely meant to celebrate July 4, considering its theme and the date.

The challenge requires players to set off five fireworks that are supposed to be near Lazy Lake, but the word near can be vague. Here’s where you can find all the fireworks to both have your own celebration in Fortnite and tackle another quest in the process.

The first firework is actually located outside of Lazy lake. You’ll need to cross the river and get on top of the first hill you see.

It’s almost impossible to say that the second one is even near Lazy Lake. You’ll need to strafe more toward the left after setting off the first firework.

If you move toward the south after the second firework, you’ll find the third one on top of another hill.

The fourth firework is located around the left side of the mountain area you should be in. If you get confused since the area is filled with trees, try to check all heights.

Get close to each firework and interact to send them blazing up into the sky.

Though the quest asks players to set off five fireworks, four of them were enough for us to successfully complete the challenge and bank 14,000 XP as a reward.