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Where to find Donation Boards in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2?

Your gold bars will have a purpose.

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There are plenty of ways to use gold bars in Fortnite, and using Donation Boards is one of them. During Chapter three, Season Two, the Donation Board system is being used to allow players to vote for the weapon that they’d like to see in the game.

Though voting is simple, you’ll need to get your hands on gold bars first. This in-game currency can be acquired from chests, or you can pick them up from other players after taking them out. Alternatively, you can also gain gold bars by completing tasks for various NPCs on the map.

If you have your gold bars ready, you’ll just need to find a Donation Board.

Where to find Donation Boards in Fortnite?

The Donation Board can be found in Synapse Station, a landmark that is located on the southwest portion of the map. Despite looking isolated on the map, you may run into more players than expected in the landmark due to the Donation Board.

The donation process is rather simple since you’ll just need to approach the Donation Board and interact with it. Aside from voting, the Donation Board can also be used to fund the Armored Bus in Fortnite Chapter three, season two. Once enough funds are collected, the Armored Bus will spawn on the map, which can change the course of a match.

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