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When does the Fortnite birthday event start in Battle Royale?

It's already live in Save the World.

Image via Epic Games

With Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer over, players will be eager for new events to come to the game. From what we’ve seen after the v9.40 update, there might be one right around the corner.

Fortnite’s second birthday is coming soon, Epic Games revealed in the patch notes (confirming what dataminers found in the game files). The game’s Save the World mode already features some birthday-themed elements like a new Birthday Jonesy and a themed Llama, but players in Battle Royale are still waiting for something to happen.

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Regardless of what’s coming, players should expect the second Fortnite birthday event to start next week in Battle Royale, most likely on July 25. That’s when the game will be two years old, since Epic counts it from the release of the game’s first mode now known as Save the World.

Dataminers found that, just like last year, Epic has set up a few birthday challenges that should be available to all players. There will be birthday-themed decorations across the island with the giant birthday cakes, which apparently will recover players’ health and shield when they interact with the slices that surround the cakes. If leaks are correct, players will be able to unlock a cake-themed pickaxe if they complete all birthday challenges.

Epic has yet to confirm all the information about the Battle Royale birthday event, though the StW event that’s already live makes us believe something is coming.