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Here are all leaked Overtime challenges of Fortnite’s season nine

It's time to unlock even more cosmetics.

Screenshot via Epic Games

Fortnite’s season nine is long. When it ends, it will have lasted 12 weeks instead of the usual 10. Players got only 10 weekly challenges from the Battle Pass anyway, but Epic seems to be planning to extend that through Overtime challenges.

Dataminers found a set of extra challenges in the Fortnite game files after the v9.40 update, and they seem to have the Overtime tag that sets in previous seasons also had. All Fortnite players would have access to them to grab exclusive rewards for the season, but there wouldn’t be any bonus Battle Stars to climb up the last few tiers of their Battle Pass.

It seems that most challenges are related to the standard gameplay. Players will be tasked with reviving a friend, dealing damage with submachine guns, and visiting specific areas of the map during their matches. The only challenges that deviate from that are those of dancing inside a holographic Durrr Burger head and scoring a goal on an indoor soccer pitch. Apart from these, players will have to change their playstyle very little to complete the Overtime challenges, if they are confirmed and go live soon.

The rewards for completing the set are variations of season nine Battle Pass skins such as Bunker Jonesy and Demi. Dataminers also found detailed images of these variants.

An interesting challenge tells players to “work together with friends to get eliminations,” and it seems to set 25 as a goal. It’s unclear so far if this challenge will have Party Assist enabled by default or if this is just a hint for players to turn it on.

If Overtime challenges are coming to Fortnite, players could see them added as soon as today’s server downtime for the v9.40 update is over.