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The Fortnite x Batman cosmetics will reportedly be offered in a bundle

The bundle is rumored to cost $20.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players will reportedly be able to get their hands on Batman cosmetics in a bundle, according to well-known data miner Lucas7yoshi. This will allow players to purchase multiple items at once, rather than waiting for the Item Shop to cycle through different variations. 

The bundle was found to be titled “Black Monday” in the game files yesterday, which is presumed to be the code name for the items in the Batman bundle. 

Today, these titles have changed from “Set_01” to “DC,” which is the comic book franchise that Batman originates from.

The bundle is rumored to cost $19.99 and will release as soon as the Batman crossover is officially announced. Earlier today, the Tilted Town rift beacon was activated, which is expected to turn the point of interest into Gotham City, Batman’s crime-ridden hometown. 

Players will most likely receive items similar to previous bundles, so this may include a glider, pickaxe, skin, backpack, and V-Bucks. Fortnite fans might even get to play as Batman or the Joker if skins for those characters are introduced.

Although Batman can’t fly, the wings on his suit that allow him to glide have been found in the game files as a rare “Bat-Glider,” which could be included in the bundle. 

Even though the contents of the rumored bundle aren’t known, fans can look forward to the Dark Knight arriving in Fortnite soon.