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Everything we know about Fortnite x Batman

The DC Universe is coming to Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s next crossover will be with the most famous superhero of all time and possibly even his posse of teammates or enemies. Batman is coming to the game, according to a massive amount of new leaks found in today’s update.

Here’s everything we know about Fortnite x Batman.


The crossover will introduce three skins in a bundle in the Item Shop, according to leaks. While we don’t know what the cosmetics will be, there will reportedly be two male skins and one female skin. Some players are guessing that the skins may be Batman, Joker, and Catwoman. While those are the ideal outfits, Fortnite crossovers have a history of providing side characters as skins.

The skins are encrypted and data miner Lucas7yoshi told Dot Esports that Epic Games has changed the method to find encrypted cosmetics, making them unknown at time of writing.


There’s a new rarity for cosmetics that will come with this crossover and it’ll be “DC.” Similar to Marvel, who got red rarity items, it seems we’ll also get DC-related cosmetics. A leaked Bat glider has been found in the files.

A Batman banner, placeholder glider, and Batwing glider have also been spotted in Fortnite’s files after the new update.

Image via Epic Games


There have been two new weapons leaked that will arrive in Fortnite with this week’s Batman crossover. These are special weapons that will only be around for the length of the event, but one of them seems like it’ll already be overpowered just from its description.

Image via Epic Games

The Grapnel Gun will work as a regular Grappler, but once you reach the target location, the description says you’ll deploy a Bat Cape. It’s unclear whether that’s just a customized glider or if it’ll grant extra abilities.

Image via Epic Games

The Explosive Batarang will apparently “home in on players and stick to walls.” It’ll only explode if it detects an enemy in its proximity, meaning that this weapon will likely be hard to find in the loot pool but it’ll also have a higher chance of being unbalanced.


There will be a new limited-time mission for the crossover event titled “Welcome to Gotham City.” Lucas7yoshi found a list of all the upcoming challenges, which will grant free cosmetics and rewards for completing them in time during the event.

The challenges provide a reference to “Joker gas canisters” found in different named locations, as well as the previously-leaked Grapnel Gun and Batarang. There’s also a challenge to “light up different Bat Signals,” which means there will probably be more than the single light leaked.


There’s a leaked point of interest that will replace Tilted Town once the crossover begins and it’ll be Gotham City, the infamous hometown of Batman and every supervillain in his path. Initially, only a map of the POI was leaked, but now the full area has been revealed by data miners.

Judging from the leaked mesh, the POI will have a large entrance, a church, Wayne Tower, some factory buildings, and more. It’s possible that the church-looking building could be Arkham Asylum.

It’ll likely be a rift zone similar to Pandora, which will be removed after the crossover ends.

Sounds for this POI have also been found in the files.

Start date

The crossover’s start date is unknown, but the Epic Games Store says that some of the Batman Arkham games are due to become free for all users on Sept. 19, which is tomorrow. It wouldn’t be surprising to also see this crossover begin on that same day.

Screengrab via Epic Games Store

If it’s due to begin tomorrow, players can expect to see a teaser posted by Fortnite on social media later today.