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The Fortnite season seven finale scene may have been leaked

Fortnite season seven will likely have a wild ending.

Image via Epic Games

The cinematic video for Fortnite: Battle Royale’s season seven conclusion might have been revealed by a game leaker.

A leaker, named “Lucas7yoshi,” posted a video on Twitter of the Ice King character skin floating in a sphere above Polar Peak. The sphere is high in the sky directly above where the Infinity Blade spawn used to be, with rays of fire lining the circumference of the sphere. It appeared this morning in the v7.20 update and it blinds players with ice whenever they walk near it.

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The Ice King appears to be holding a small, cube-like object similar to the one that terrorized the Fortnite map in season six. The miniature cube itself glows with a light that looks almost like the butterfly from the season six cinematic finale. Overall, it seems that the Ice King, the Cube, and the butterfly may all be connected somehow within all of the Fortnite lore.

Considering the countless changes to the map between season six and season seven, it’s a possibility that the Ice King character may somehow be involved.