The best Fortnite controller settings and sensitivity configuration

There's more than one way of playing Fortnite.

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Move over mouse and keyboard players, this is only for the controller users out there. Controllers might be more comfortable for players, and they aren’t necessarily the worst option in this case. Fortnite works incredibly well on a controller, and we have the configuration to prove it.

Though aiming precisely with a controller is more difficult than using a mouse/keyboard combination, Fortnite’s aim assist evens the odds. Aim assist is still a powerful ally to controller players, but it isn’t the only weapon in their arsenal.

Aim assist might be a discount aim-bot, but you’ll need to fine-tune your settings in order to make your game the best it can be. You’ll have to deal with a certain type of aim curve, which pairs with slower sensitivities, or you can play with a higher sensitivity to suit your aggressive and in-your-face playstyle.

I recommend thinking about how you like to play Fortnite and matching your settings to suit.

The top-tier professional Fortnite players tend to have a higher sensitivity, regardless of their playstyles. These settings were based on players like Sway, Aydan, and Xtra Reet. Chop and change your settings to suit your playstyle after you’ve copied these, then you’ll be at the top of the leaderboards in no time.

Best sensitivity options in Fortnite

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Sensitivity settings are mostly personal preference since they’ll even vary on the type of controller you have. A controller with sensitive movement sticks may require you to increase your deadzone settings to make it more precise.

Search for pro players who have similar controllers to you, and change depending on what you like best. I typically borrow a professional’s settings, then tweak it to suit my playstyle on Xbox & Playstation. I’ll switch some settings from time to time to keep me on my toes when I’m playing.

The following sensitivity settings were mostly customized for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, but you should still take the time to see if the values are right for you before hopping into a game

Sensitivity settings – aim

  • Aim Sensitivity (ADS): Four
  • Build mode sensitivity multiplier: 1.8x
  • Edit mode sensitivity multiplier: 1.8x
  • Use advanced options: On
    • You’ll need to turn on the advanced sensitivity options to gain access to the remaining settings.

Advanced – look sensitivity

  • Look horizontal speed: 49 percent
  • Look vertical speed: 59 percent
  • Turning horizontal boost: Zero percent
  • Turning vertical boost: Zero percent
  • Turning boost ramp time: Zero seconds
  • Instant boost when building: Off

Advanced – aim down sights (ADS) sensitivity

  • ADS look horizontal speed: 17 percent
  • ADS look vertical speed: 17 percent
    • Keeping your horizontal and vertical at the same value is essential to make sure that your aim doesn’t fasten up as you move your camera in different angles.
  • ADS turning horizontal boost: Zero percent
  • ADS turning vertical boost: Zero percent
    • Boost settings usually decrease accuracy since they’ll make your camera spin faster as you hold onto your movement sticks.
  • ADS turning boost ramp time: Zero seconds

Advanced – sensitivity

  • Look dampening time: 0.20 seconds
  • Look input curve: Linear
  • Aim assist strength: 100 percent
    • Aim assist is what separates the best controller players from the decent ones. You’ll learn how to abuse the aim assist to your advantage as you play more Fortnite, and setting it to its maximum value will make it easier.

Controller deadzone

  • Move stick deadzone: Six percent
  • Look stick deadzone: Six percent
    • Lower deadzone values makes your analogs more sensitive to movement. Setting them to zero percent may cause some misscliks so you should find that sweet spot for you between three and 10 percent.

Foot controller

  • Enable foot controller: On
  • Foot controller dead zone: One percent
  • Foot controller max throttle: One percent
    • Foot controller is another important setting that you’ll need to spend some time experimenting with. Some players will prefer an accelerating aim to scout around faster, while others will prioritize accuracy. The foot controller settings will adjust the acceleration of your overall sensitivity, and keeping on the lower side of the spectrum has been a common preference amongst professional players.

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Controller keybinds

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A Builder Pro controller layout is a type of controller keybind that high-level competitive players use. You’ll be able to change whatever you want with these keybinds, but some people just stick with the original settings.

Builder Pro makes building feel instantaneous. It’ll keep your building up to par with the keyboard and mouse users in your games when it comes to speed.

You might struggle once you switch to a Builder Pro controller layout, but you’ll get used to it—I know I did.

Combat Controls Fortnite Dot Esports
There are multiple choices for Combat controls. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Combat controls

If you use a third-party tool to communicate with your squad mates like Discord, you can free up the Push to Talk keybind to use it for other keys that you may need quick access to.

  • LT: Aim down sights
  • LB: Previous weapon
  • RT: Attack / confirm
  • RB: Next weapon
  • Direction Pad Up: Inventory
  • Direction Pad Left: Place marker
  • Direction Pad Right: Map
  • Direction Pad Down: Push to talk
  • Triangle  / Y Button: Toggle pickaxe
  • Square / X Button: Reload / interact
  • Circle / B Button: Switch mode
  • Cross / A Button: Jump
  • L3:: Sprint / auto sprint
  • R3: Crouch
  • Options Button: Game menu
  • Touch Pad: Map

Build controls

  • LT: Stair piece (select / place)
  • LB: Roof piece /select / place)
  • RT: Wall piece (select / place)
  • RB: Floor piece (select / place)
  • Direction Pad Up: Inventory
  • Direction Pad Left: Change material / trap
  • Direction Pad Right: Map
  • Direction Pad Down: Push to talk
  • Triangle  / Y Button: Toggle pickaxe
  • Square / X Button: Trap picker / place / interact
  • Circle / B Button: Switch mode
  • Cross / A Button: Jump
  • L3:: Sprint / auto sprint
  • R3: Rotate / repair / change trap
  • Options Button: Game menu
  • Touch Pad: Map

Edit controls

  • LT: Unbound
  • LB: Unbound
  • RT: Select
  • RB: Unbound
  • Direction Pad Up: Inventory
  • Direction Pad Left: Unbound
  • Direction Pad Right: Unbound
  • Direction Pad Down: Push to talk
  • Triangle  / Y Button: Toggle pickaxe
  • Square / X Button: Unbound
  • Circle / B Button: Confirm
  • Cross / A Button: Jump
  • L3:: Sprint / auto sprint
  • R3: Reset
  • Options Button: Game menu
  • Touch Pad: Map

Why should you customize your sensitivity settings in Fortnite?

Fortnite‘s default settings may not cater to everyone’s likings. All players will have a personal preference when it comes to sensitivity settings, and finding the best layout will often depend on trial and error.

The settings listed in this article will work out just fine for most players, but further tweaking might be needed to make them right for personal habits.

After applying your settings, you can make a custom match in Fortnite and test everything before heading to Fortnite‘s Arena mode.

How to change your Fortnite controller settings

Here’s how to change your Fortnite controller settings

  1. Press the Esc/Options/Menu/+ button on your controller or keyboard
  2. You’ll see a gear icon in the taskbar. Click that to open the settings menu
  3. Click the gamepad icon in the settings menu
  4. From there, you will be able to change Fortnite gamepad controls on Xbox & Playstation

Which Fortnite Controller Configuration is best?

Photo of Fortnite controller configs

There are 5 Xbox & Playstation configurations you can choose in Fortnite: Old School, Quick Builder, Combat Pro, Builder Pro, and Custom. But which one’s the best? And what are the differences?

Old school

This Xbox & Playstation config is mostly for Fortnite veterans who’ve been playing since Season 1. We recommend not picking this preset. It’s a fairly awkward and slow config and mostly exists for nostalgia reasons.

Quick Builder

This config aims at making quick building easier. However, we also recommend not picking this one, as there is a significantly better config further down the list.

Combat Pro

This config is perfect for those who don’t want to build at all and just focus on the combat itself. Choose this for buildless matches or if you hate building in general.

Builder Pro

In my opinion, this is the single best Fortnite controller config to pick. It is going to work in the vast majority of situations, and it completely changed the meta when it came out. It makes building much easier and increases your win rate by a fair amount


If none of the above configs are your thing, you should try making your own custom preset. This is perfect for those with particular needs and quirks that the other configs might not satisfy. We recommend this if you have a really good idea of your playstyle and how to accommodate it.

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