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How to make a custom match in Fortnite

It's a private show.

Image via Epic Games

There are more than a few ways to play Fortnite. Normal matches, limited-time game modes, and creative maps ensure that players always find enjoyable out of Fortnite.

Although you can easily play with your friends by inviting them to your squad, you may need to find a different method if you have more than three friends. A custom match in Fortnite makes it easy to join a lobby filled with your friends, compete in tournaments, or host one yourself.

If you’re looking to create a custom match in Fortnite, you’ll need to sign up to Epic’s support-a-creator (SAC) and have a SAC code associated with your account.

Custom matchmaking looks like a fun feature for players with dozens of friends, but it was actually designed with content creators in mind. It allows them to get together with their audiences and organize in-house tournaments.

Players who meet the criteria below can register to Epic’s creator SAC program through its official website.

You must:

  • Be at least 13 years old, or at least 14 years old if you are a resident of South Korea.
  • Have 1,000+ followers on at least one of the following eligible social platforms:
    • YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or VK
  • Be capable of accepting the Creator Agreement (either on behalf of yourself, your child, or the legal entity that you represent)
  • Be capable of abiding by Epic’s Creator Content Guidelines
  • Must be capable of receiving payment using Epic’s designated payment platform (Hyperwallet)

How to make a custom match

If you have your follower code secured, you can follow these steps to create a custom match in Fortnite.

  • Launch Fortnite and head to the main lobby
  • Click on the Change button located just above Play
  • Look for Custom Options around the right side of your screen
  • After clicking on Custom Options, you’ll be required to enter your custom matchmaking jey
    • Don’t use any personal passwords or valuable information since you’ll need to share this key with other players so they can join your match
  • Click on Accept after entering your key and also choose Accept in the game mode selection screen
  • Once you start, you’ll be able to see how many players are queueing with your code

When the lobby is full, you’ll be able to start the match as the host. The lobby you’ll be creating with your code will be region-specific, however, and you should also let the participating players know which server you’re queueing on. If you were to create your lobby on the European server, players using your code on the NA servers wouldn’t be able to join your match.

What to do in custom matches

Given you have enough players, the possibilities will be endless in custom matches. The feature is mostly used by competitive players and content creators.

Competitive players usually gather in custom matches to scrim against each other and test their skill versus some of the best players in the region. Content creators use the feature to spend more time with their fans in the form of tournaments or special lobbies and shoot videos.

When it comes to the game mode you’d like to play in your custom match, it’ll be up to your personal preference. If you’re looking to organize a tournament, you can use online organizer tools to run everything smoothly.