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The 10 best Fortnite cosmetic packs

These are some of the best bundles in Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is full of cosmetic items players can use to modify their appearance as they attempt to outlast the competition and claim a victory royale.

Over the years since the game’s release, there have been hundreds of unique skins released as well as accessories such as gliders and black blings—some matching, others to be exclusive.

Fortunately for players, Fortnite often bundles similar cosmetic items together, so players have access to the entire set in a single purchase. On top of the matching components, purchasing a bundle with help the player save V-Bucks since purchasing each item separately will cost more than the bundle.

Here are our top 10 favorite cosmetic packs in Fortnite.

Lava Legends

Image via Epic Games

Released on March 29, 2019, Lava Legends provided players with some of the most visually impressive skins at that time. For just $19.99, players would get two unique character skins, a glider, and two back blings.

Sticking to the lava theme, these character skins were variants of Battle Hound and Valkyrie with molten lava running through their armor. In the case of Battle Hound, flames burned from behind his mask. The glider was among the most popular from this set, boasting a dragon named Lavawing that would burn through the sky carrying players down to the battlefield. The two back blings included were a crested cape and a set of wings to suit the Valkyrie skin.

The Astronomical Bundle

Image via Epic Games

Released to celebrate Travis Scott’s virtual performance in the game, the Astronomical Bundle was available in the store for a limited time at a price of 2,500 V-Bucks. This bundle included two skins and two back blings.

The first is a skin modeled after the rapper himself, including a variant where Scott can be seen to have cybernetics under his skin. The other skin, Astro Jack, appears to be a spaceman equipped with a space helmet as well as some stylish clothes. The variant for this skin will see his head change to a globe with the vehicles rotating around it. The back bling is remarkably like this titled Astroworld and depicting much of the same as in the Sicko Mode variant to the Astro Jack skin. The last back bling is simply the words cactus jack.

Double Agent

Image via Epic Games

Sticking to Fortnite Chapter Two, season two’s spy theme, the Double Agent pack included Double Agents Hush, Chaos, and Wildcard. These three unique characters boast stylish and sleek white clothing with gold accessories. As the name suggests, there are variants to these three skins, all changing the clothing from white to black while the accessories remain gold. Each of these characters also boasts a unique back bling remaining true to the agent theme.

The Ghost Rider Bundle

Image via Epic Games

The newest addition to the game from our list, the Ghost Rider bundle was introduced during the most recent Marvel-themed season and has been a favorite since. This skin is modeled after the comic book character Ghost Rider, and the team behind it has done a fantastic job at capturing each aspect of his appearance perfectly. The bundle includes a glider modeled after his motorbike from the comics, a back bling depicting a molten rock in chains, and a weapon decal that boasts animated flames. All aspects of this bundle are perfectly executed, and it is by far one of the best available today.

Frozen Legends

Screengrab via Epic Games

Similar to the Lava Legends pack, the Frozen Legends pack brings back some of Fortnite’s most popular characters in unique icy-themed skins. Included in this bundle are Raven, Red Knight, and Love Ranger. These three skins also come with their corresponding back blings. While there is little change to the structure of the characters, these skins offer players a unique spin on their looks and a way to acquire these three characters since they’re not always available in the store.

The Last Laugh Bundle

Image via Epic Games

This comic book-themed bundle is full of villains including DC’s most popular the Joker. Also in this bundle is Poison Ivy and one of Fortnite’s biggest villains Midas, although in this skin he is cloaked in armor and dubbed Midas Rex. If you’re a fan of DC comics, this is a must-have bundle. The appearance of the Joker is exceptional and makes obvious the inspiration behind the look. Included also in the bundle is a variety of pickaxe skins, back blings, and even a trail made up of playing cards.

Archetype Bundle

Image via Epic Games

This spec ops soldier-inspired bundle is one of the smallest on our list including only one character skin and corresponding back bling, glider, and pickaxe. Everything in this bundle is crafted to look futuristic and looks even more impressive in-game. Released on Nov. 13, 2019, this bundle has not been available for a year. Should it become available, however, it will cost 2,200 V-Bucks.

Ninja Bundle

Image via Epic Games

Inspired by one of the game’s most prolific streamers, this bundle boasts the appearance of the streamer Ninja as well as matching items. This character skin has two variants with differing levels of face covering. The pickaxe skin is extremely popular, boasting dual katanas. Since its May 2020 release, this bundle has been available three times for purchase in the store.

Corrupted Legends

Screengrab via Epic Games

Boasting the unique feature to set the corruption level of each skin, this bundle includes variants for Archane, Insight, and Shogun. These three skins come with simple white and black decal, but the more corruption is set, the more black and red begin to show. Along with these come matching back blings, boasting the same ability to change appearance with corruption. This is one of the most unique bundles in the game today.


Image via Epic Games

Another comic booked-themed bundle, this X-Force bundle includes three new characters to match the X-Force variant for Deadpool currently in the game. These three characters are Cable, Domino, and Psylocke. All these skins appear remarkably close to their source material. Included also are three unique pickaxe skins to suit each character and a glider skin to suit Psylocke that takes the appearance of a bolt of energy that the Marvel character is known for. If you are a comic book fan this is a must-have addition to your collection.