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Rearranging the latest Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2 teaser seemingly resembles evil outfit

Oro could be at work once more.

Image via Epic Games

The latest Fortnite teaser for Chapter Two, season two has provided rampant speculation regarding the contents of what’s to come. But Fortnite fans may have discovered an important clue. 

In the most recent golden-themed teaser posted by Epic Games earlier today, a silhouette of a face can be seen in the center of an image that looks to be receiving some form of transmission, possibly from another dimension. Around the image, there are several golden shards. When pieced together like a puzzle, these shards create the Chaos Agent skin. 

This character is a part of A.L.T.E.R, an evil organization in Fortnite, and is likely the leader of the organization, according to Fortnite lore. This organization has been fusing DNA for its own gain and acts as an antagonist in the game. But it’s likely that this organization will be the main focal point for the latest season. 

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Image via Epic Games

Another theory suggests that Oro, a leaked skin that will likely arrive in season two, is the mastermind behind the sudden change in the Fortnite world. Although Oro was originally set to release in January in the v11.40 update, according to data miner Lucas7yoshi, Epic is likely saving the skin for the upcoming season.

It’s now theorized that the spooky skeleton has been slowly turning items to gold across the map and it looks like the Chaos agent and his organization could be next. He could have even more sinister plans, however. 

Image via Epic Games

Although these theories are speculation, Fortnite fans can keep up to date with all of the teases from Epic. Fortnite Chapter Two, season two is set to finally begin on Feb. 20 following several delays