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Here are all of the teasers for Fortnite: Chapter 2, season 2 so far

What's going on with the new season?

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s new season is just days away and Epic Games has started to tease it in some cool ways in both the real world and on Twitter.

The golden theme of the imagery and the mention of agents, a vault, and access cards have been consistent throughout many of the teases. It’s anyone’s guess what they mean, but the wait to find out what’s going on will end soon.

So far, Epic has posted two official teasers on Twitter. Both of them have to do with a transmission being intercepted and include redacted information.

The first image doesn’t have much going on. It simply shows a gold handprint and teases the season’s start date of Feb. 20, 2020, which has been known for a while.

Posted two hours later, the second teaser image is a bit more interesting. It appears to show something being blurred out along with what looks like puzzle pieces of some kind. This might be an ARG of sorts, with more clues being given with each teaser image.

The third teaser posted by Epic features a new image, and the blur from the previous one is becoming a bit more clear. Now the blurry image looks a lot like a face. It also features the words “henchmen” and “acolytes” and different variations of the word in different languages.

Fortnite’s fourth teaser from Monday, Feb. 17 fully revealed the blurry face and it…kind of looks like a gold version of Thanos, from the Avengers crossover, but with a mask overlaid on his face. The text of the tweet says “Origin = Au,” and the bottom of the image says “98 percent,” so it seems like something else is on the horizon.

It also looks like the image is teasing changes to the middle island of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 map, as shown in the tweet below.

The teasers continued into Tuesday, with Epic posting this one featuring a picture of some dynamite. This seemingly teases the return of dynamite to the game’s loot table, but it’s anyone’s guess.

Tuesday’s second teaser was another explosive image, this one looking like a can of propane. Will a big explosion be coming to the island this weekend?

Tuesday’s third teaser was the most explosive yet. This bomb looks big, real big, and it’s possibly teasing some sort of massive explosion that could change the map in a big way. Or maybe it’s a new piece of loot.

Fortnite dataminer @HYPEX has deduced that a new location will be added next to Slurpy Swamp, and it will be an oil rig off the coast.

With just one day left until the big update for season two, the teases have started to get weird. This new image has been “Declassifeowied,” and it teases something about “Nine Lives.” It looks like that datamine about cats might have actually been true.

Wednesday’s second teaser ramps up the cattyness of whatever Epic is cooking up, with a ball of yarn that has grenades tied up inside. Will this be a new piece of loot in the new season?

In what appears to be the final teaser for the new season, the cat is out of the bag. Literally. The cat face is front and center, so whatever is coming when Fortnite’s 12.00 update hits seems like it has nine lives behind it.

Epic has also teased the new season with video ads around the world. These video teasers contain the Fortnite logo and imagery, along with a phone number. When the numbers have been called, short messages could be heard.

Twitter account @FNLeaksAndInfo has compiled a list of all of the locations, along with their phone numbers, and the messages that have been posted. The messages can also be seen below:

  • “Yes sir, the agents were called. Card to access the safe purchased.”
  • “Agency recruitment drive is a go. Happy hunting, agents. Agents, oil rig operation is a go.”
  • “During ID scanning, access denied, agency communication was interrupted.”
  • “Hiding places were detected, traces were found in the Agent E region, the dormant time was over.”
  • “Acolyte spot. Agent, you are mobilizing.”
  • “Explosive specialist, do not attack! The purpose of the mission has changed, return to the base.”

This article will be updated with more teasers as they’re posted.