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New back blings and emotes coming to Fortnite

New accessories and emotes are coming soon.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Data miners have been busy since the launch of Fortnite Chapter Two, season two earlier today. Players have already discovered a lot of new content coming throughout the season, including several new back blings and emotes.

Emotes have become a core part of Fortnite and allow players to communicate and have fun in-game. Players can expect several new emotes and sprays to be released throughout the season, according to popular Fortnite data miners like Lucas7yoshi.

Some of the emotes found in the game files have already been released, such as the rickroll emote. Other unique emotes include the “Boom!” emote that allows a player to throw a bomb at the ground and the “Members Only” emote that seems to involve a special handshake between two players.

Data miners have also found several new back bling items that could become available throughout the season. The leak includes items in the battle pass, such as the Gold Dagger pack and the Banana Briefcase. The other back bling items will likely be available for purchase as the season progresses. By the end of the season, players will be able to deck out their character with new skins, emotes, and accessories.

The new back bling and emotes are just a few of the items coming to Fortnite throughout Chapter Two, season two. Data miners also found shout emotes in the game files, so players have a lot of new content to be excited about.