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Mounted Turret receives its third hotfix a week after launch

And another is coming next week.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite developer Epic Games tweaked the legendary trap Mounted Turret again, even after saying they would only do so next week.

The company reduced the headshot multiplier of the Mounted Turret from 2.0x to 1.5x and reduced its time to overheat from 10 seconds to six. This hotfix was added into the game last night with the return of Dynamites.

Players will now cause less damage with Mounted Turret head shots, and the weapon will stop shooting much sooner due to overheating.

This is part of what Epic said it wanted to change in the weapon next week for the 6.31 update. But in that update, Epic will also make it easier to land shots against players using the Mounted Turret by “adjusting the collision volume” and will make the turret’s floor take structure damage instead of player damage.

That means weapons and items that cause a more damage to structures will work very effectively against Mounted Turrets. A Dynamite, for example, will cause 800 damage to the turret instead of 70 that it causes to players. Epic had already tweaked the turret’s floor last week by reducing it health from 5,000 to 1,000 in a first hotfix last week. Destroying the floor under a Mounted Turret may be the best way to counter it now.

Epic didn’t say if it will reduce how often Mounted Turrets appear for Fortnite players. A second Mounted Turret hotfix on the weekend allegedly decreased its availability in the game, but streamers like SypherPK were seen with up to 12 Mounted Turrets on their inventory yesterday. This is a high number for a trap, even for uncommon ones such as the Damage Trap.

And who cares about reduced overheat time when you can have that many turrets?

This is the third change to the Mounted Turret that Epic has made since it was released in Fortnite in the 6.30 update last Wednesday. Players can only hope the fourth change coming next week will make the weapon a bit more balanced.