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Mounted Turrets in Fortnite have received a nerf

There was an exploit for the turret health that made floors almost indestructible.

Image via Epic Games

The Mounted Turrets in Fortnite: Battle Royale were updated in a recent game hotfix.

Game developer Epic Games announced that the Mounted Turret floor health has been reduced from 5,000 to 1,000. The health of the turret itself has also been halved from 800 to 400.

The change comes almost a day after a post on Reddit gained traction, which showed players how to make a trap have 5,000 health points. To do so, all they had to do was place a spike trap on the ceiling and put the Mounted Turret on the same floor as the trap. This made traps almost indestructible.

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This nerf doesn’t affect the power or effectiveness of turrets, though. When players are in advantageous positions, they can shred through enemy materials and structures with ease. The forward hitboxes on turrets are still also problematic at the moment for many.

It’s a good thing that Epic implemented this hotfix for Mounted Turrets so that players can’t exploit the health of placed materials.