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Mounted Turret may be viable in Fortnite, but only in a few situations

Mounted turrets can make players vulnerable, but at least they can protect themselves.

Image via Epic Games

A Mounted Turret is coming soon to Fortnite: Battle Royale, according to yesterday’s in-game message. As with previous additions that appear in similar messages, this new gun might be added to the game this week.

At first, a Mounted Turret seems to be a weird idea in Fortnite when you first think about it. The player will be sitting still while firing, which makes them perfect prey for snipers.

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Player-controlled turrets can be bad in other games, since players who use them become easy targets for opponents. But thanks to Fortnite‘s player structures, a Mounted Turret could work in the game.

Players can protect themselves while mounted in the turret by placing walls around them and editing the ones they’ll shoot through. Making a window right in the middle of that wall can give players enough room for bullets to fly through while their back is fully protected by walls. Metal structures might be your best friend here.

Screengrab via Epic Games

If mounting a turret works like getting on vehicles, players can also use them to shoot for a few seconds, destroy their opponents and their structures, and jump off quickly, maybe before someone else spots them. It might not be the optimal strategy, but it would be usable.

But the Mounted Turret might sound weird in a game that has a Minigun. It works like a turret would: Shooting very fast with bad accuracy, but it’s good enough to melt structures in Fortnite. And you don’t have to stand still to use the Minigun, despite moving slowly when shooting with it.

A Mounted Turret can be viable in Fortnite, but using it must give players some kind of advantage for being exposed to other enemies. Maybe it works like in other games, where turrets have their own infinite source of bullets that lets players save their ammo. We already know it overheats, so its usability will probably be limited to time rather than resources.

When the Mounted Turret comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale, it might be usable even if it makes players vulnerable. But it still sounds weird to sit still while shooting in such a dynamic game like Fortnite. It doesn’t fit the latest changes Epic Games made to the game that improve players’ mobility, like the glider re-deploy.

We’ll have to wait at least a few more days to understand how the Mounted Turret works and when the best time to use it is.