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Llamas are back in Fortnite, finally

The iconic item is back.

The release of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2 introduced a lot of new content and changes. Epid added new points of interest for players to explore, new cosmetic item, and a few fan favorite weapons that have returned.

The update also removed certain items from the game, however. The rare llama item was taken out at the beginning of the season which received mixed reactions from the community. Epic has listened to the response and added the item back.

Epic Games released the v12.10 Fortnite update which included the return of llamas. The update also introduced proximity mines to the game and fixed various bugs.

Llamas are rare items that spawn in random locations each game. Only three llamas spawn each match and contain large amounts of wood, metal, and brick. The supply llamas allow players to avoid spending time breaking down trees or other objects and provide enough materials for several build battles. Llamas also provide players with supplies who may have had a bad drop and landed in the middle of nowhere.

The removal of llamas received a mix response from the community. Popular Fortnite streamer Tfue was unhappy when he discovered llamas were removed. He explained that landing on llamas and trapping players were the only things he enjoyed doing. Other players did not even notice the items were removed at the beginning of the season.

Either way, llamas are back in Fortnite where they belong, and players can now find them scattered throughout the map.