Infinity Blade will receive a nerf in the 7.10 Fortnite update next week

Players holding it will be unable to build and harvest.

Image via Epic Games

The Mythic sword Infinity Blade will be a bit less overpowered in Fortnite: Battle Royale when the 7.10 update drops next week, developer Epic Games announced.

Players who hold the blade will be unable to harvest materials and build structures. In its current version, players can instantly harvest all materials from a structure in one slash and build structures normally.

The company’s Community Manager said that, “by taking away the ability to harvest/build we hope to tune the Infinity Blade to where it feels risky to have, but still satisfying to wield.”

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The Infinity Blade might also be adjusted in future updates if Epic feels like it’s necessary. Despite this nerf, the blade’s high damage, instant building destruction, passive health and shield regeneration, movement speed bonus, and skills with low cooldowns will stay the same.

There’s a remote chance that such a small adjustment will make the blade feel much more balanced, but the change should affect gameplay a bit either way. Now, players with the Infinity Blade can build around them whenever, protecting themselves from players at range. It makes up for the item’s inability to engage in long-range combat, and it enables the wielder to flee until they find a better position.

Players with the Infinity Blade should then become easier targets for their opponents after the 7.10 update. These opponents will still have to burn through the 200 health and shield the wielder can have once the combat starts.

Despite the Infinity Blade’s upcoming nerf and controversies around the weapon’s power, Epic says it still wants more Mythic items like it in the game. Removing the Infinity Blade from Fortnite or moving it to a Limited Time Mode seems out of question for the developer, so this nerf should be the only immediate change players will see to the item anytime soon.