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How to get a Flare Gun and use it in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 3

Just loot.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Flare Gun was teased multiple times prior to the start of Fortnite Chapter Two, season three in teasers—and it was included in the patch notes to kick off the season earlier this month.

It wasn’t directly added to the game right away, however, which left fans wondering whether it’d be a normal gun or serve a different purpose like calling a supply drop. But now, the Flare Gun is finally up for grabs with the recent Fortnite update 13.20. You can find a Flare Gun either from loot chests, supply drops, llamas, or as a random drop throughout the map.

The Flare Gun is a rare weapon that deals 60 damages upon a successful hit and it comes loaded with six bullets. You can’t fire successive shots, however, since it has a reload time of 1.5 seconds between each shot.

While there isn’t any official information about whether there’s additional Flare Gun ammunition scattered around the world, the weapon disappears from a player’s inventory when its ammo is used up, making it impossible to re-use it again with additional ammo.

The Flare Gun’s projectile speed is a lot slower than a usual Assault Rifle shot, which makes it a weak candidate for picking off enemies. The projectile explodes once it lands on the targeted area and has a small blast radius. It’s definitely not a second RPG, so clearing out enemy forts with it will be harder. But it should be useful for taking out enemy builds or clearing your way during box fights.