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How to complete the Westlanders challenge and earn a free wrap in Fortnite

It's like a sadistic mini-game.

If you’re yawning while cleaning out your Fortnite lobbies, it’s time for something more challenging. Try the Westlanders challenge to make your matches more fun and your victory royale worthwhile.

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The Westlanders challenges in Fortnite Chapter Five, season three adds an extra punishing condition which could be life-threatening, or give you a chance at earning more XP while completing your accolades. You can also unlock a secret Wastlander’s Mark wrap for free if you win the match with an active quest. So, what are these Westlander’s challenges, and what strategies can you adopt to win in the matches?

The Fortnite Westlanders challenges guide, explained

Player using the Wastelander machine to get the quest for the match.
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The game has six Westlanders challenges, which are entirely random. You can follow our guide here to find the locations where these quests can be active in Fortnite. The challenges are hard to pull off, so we’d recommend doing them with friends. The quests are active throughout the match and don’t carry over to the next game. Here are all the Westlanders’ challenges and how to complete them in Fortnite.

Jammed Clips

In this challenge, your reloading is disabled, so you shouldn’t pick up Snipers at all. Use weaponry like shotguns, submachine guns, and assault rifles to have enough ammo and deal damage at close and medium range. Keep shuffling your weapons at different loot spots to refresh your supply, and ultimately, your friends can help out and play Save the VIP with you to save you from tricky situations.

Full Throttle

Always be on the move for this, or you will start taking damage while standing still. You need a vehicle, which should be easy to complete until the end zones. Moving every time will be very punishing as it could give the enemies your location. Collect health-sustaining items and use them efficiently to complete this challenge. 

Burnin’ Hot Items

This is a challenge crafted by the devil, where you take damage when picking up items. Items are crucial to any loadout: ammo, shields, and everything you can pick up. As it is impossible to complete this by yourself, we’d recommend having friends who can carry the items for you and have enough health items to pull you back to maximum health even after switching your loadout.

The Ground Is Lava

If you’re familiar with the Fortnite mini-game, you know that touching the ground means you will take damage. To avoid that, use vehicles and fuel them regularly so as never to step foot on the ground. If you’re not playing Zero Build, then you can build floors as well, which will make it one of the most manageable challenges to complete here.


As the name states, you cannot gain shields here, but the Mechanist in Fortnite gives a medallion that can be used to refuel your shields and make this challenge a bit easier.


Well, if Fortnite had a game mode in real life, this would be it. Health and Shield items are not usable, so if you take any damage, it will permanently decrease your health. In this case, there aren’t many strategies you can use other than hiding in bushes and houses and taking on the final fight with all you’ve got to win it and hopefully complete the quest.

Wastelander's Mark wrap in Fortnite.
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Once you complete winning the match with any of these active challenges, you can get the Wastelander’s Mark wrap for free.

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