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Here are the patch notes for Fortnite update v14.20

Logan's not happy.

Image via Marvel Comics

Wolverine is turning into a foe in Fortnite Patch v14.20, along with a new limited-time mode, star appearances, and preparations for the battle royale’s third birthday.

The leaked patch notes also include highlighted letters that spell out “Daywalker,” perhaps hinting that Marvel character Blade is set to make his debut on the Fortnite island soon.

Here are the patch notes for Fortnite‘s v14.20

New Boss: Wolverine

Screengrab via Epic Games

Wolverine has never been the friendliest of guys, but at least he was on our side. The latest update has seen him turn heel, becoming the latest foe you can seek out at Weeping Woods. Take him down and you’ll be rewarded with the mythic Wolverine’s Claws.

The cranky X-Man also comes with a new Logan style where he ditches the costume for a wifebeater.

New Takeover LTM

A new Marvel-themed game mode where players “earn points by capturing and holding outposts” was introduced in this patch. Each player starts with one random superpower but will get to boost their abilities from oncoming comets.

BTS to premiere new music video

K-pop boy band phenom BTS will premiere their newest music video on Sept. 25 at 7pm CT. It’s a dance video for their new single “Dynamite.” Two new emotes, choreographed by the band, will also be available in the shop.

Fortnite’s third birthday brings celebrations and cheers

The battle royale is turning three and Epic will be rewarding players for the milestone. Celebrations have been planned for the weekend and more challenges will be instated to help players earn extra experience, rewards, and even cake.

Llama-Rama starts Sept. 26

Rocket League is going free-to-play. Boot up a few games of the adrenaline-pumping title and unlock items for both Rocket League and Fortnite.

The Llama-Rama event will feature a live performance from American artist Slushii on Sept. 26 at 4pm CT.