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Epic teases Blade the “Daywalker” to join Fortnite

Back in black.

Image via Epic Games

With Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, set to add the Fortnite island to his tasting menu, Epic Games is likely enlisting the help of another Marvel hero who knows a thing or two about hunger: Blade.

Condensed patch notes for update v14.20 were sent to content creators for Fortnite last night, according to a user on Reddit. Seemingly random letters were highlighted throughout the email, eventually spelling “Daywalker.” Daywalker is a nickname for Blade, Marvel’s vampire hunter extraordinaire.

Blade, a human-vampire hybrid, has the ability to walk in the sun in spite of his vampiric blood and powers. Equipped with, well, blades, single-minded determination, and expertise in numerous martial arts, the Daywalker has set his sights on eliminating every vampire, all the while oozing swagger in his signature black coat and shades.

Blade is set for another moment in the sun. The hero will get his own solo movie in phase five of the wildly successful Marvel cinematic universe, played by Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali.

We don’t know when Blade will actually drop into Fortnite, but Epic will likely begin his introduction with various teasers and videos over the coming days. Expect the skin to go for a similar price to his allies that have already been in the shop.