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Here are CouRage’s Fortnite settings

You might join 100 Thieves with these settings, too.

Screengrab via CouRage

It’s always a good day to be a young man named Jack Dunlop, widely known on the internet in gaming circles as CouRageJD.

CouRage started out as a Call of Duty esports commentator but he blew up in popularity with Fortnite. While he’s known for his sense of humor and entertaining personality, he’s also quite good at the game.

While CouRage enjoys other games, too, he also frequently returns to Fortnite to reform the god squad with Ninja, DrLupo, and TimTheTatMan. The group of four reunite often for hilarity and victory royales.

If you want to play like CouRage, look no further. Here are CouRage’s settings in Fortnite.

CouRage’s Fortnite key bindings

WallMouse 4
StairsMouse 5
Building EditQ

CouRage’s Fortnite mouse settings

X-Axis Sensitivity9.0%
Y-Axis Sensitivity9.0%
Targeting Sensitivity37.0%
Scope Sensitivity37.0%