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Fortnite’s v9.41 Content Update patch notes are out

The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is more useful than it seems.

Image via Epic Games

The last update of Fortnite’s season nine is now out. Epic Games revealed all of the changes coming to the game in the v9.41 Content Update patch notes.

This is a simple update with small changes, most likely because the Fortnite World Cup Finals are taking place this weekend and updating too many things could be detrimental to the $30 million competition.

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Epic added the previously-announced Storm Scout Sniper Rifle and “the scope on this sniper rifle contains an embedded weather map that displays upcoming storm circles before they are revealed on the minimap,” the company wrote. Its damage is 81 and 84 in Epic and Legendary rarities, which is too little for a weapon of this category. Players will probably use it for its utility of predicting future storm circles.

Other than that, Epic is bringing the Fortnite birthday event to Battle Royale. There will be birthday cakes next to points of interest on the island that will let players recover five health and shield. Players can also find birthday presents from floor loot, chests, vending machines, supply drops, and llamas. These presents will have one of six possible packages of loot containing weapons and consumables.

Players who want to enjoy the last week of season nine by completing challenges can go for the Overtime challenges that will become available today. They’ll allow players to obtain new cosmetic variants of character skins from the season nine Battle Pass for those who already unlocked their standard forms.

The v9.41 Content Update requires no server downtime or download for players. Everything is set to go live at 7am CT when the Fortnite anniversary event will likely start with these minimal changes that are coming to the game.