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Fortnite’s v9.20 update isn’t coming today

Fans will likely have to wait until tomorrow to see all the changes.

Image via Epic Games

The v9.20 Fortnite update isn’t coming today.

Despite Epic’s announcement yesterday of the new item Storm Flip coming to the game, the update will take longer to arrive. Fans should expect it to be available in all regions and platforms early tomorrow since Wednesdays are when the company has been pushing Fortnite updates live in season nine.

Epic has yet to confirm when the v9.20 update is coming, but it certainly won’t go live today. The company usually announces the date and time of the update on social media beforehand. Since nothing was said yesterday, it’s unlikely that Epic will make a surprise update earlier than that.

We know the upcoming update is the v9.20 patch because Epic employees have confirmed changes to the game in the next update, and they’ve referred to it as v9.20.

One of the highly-anticipated changes is the fix to The Baller’s fall damage. In the current game version, if a player is inside The Baller and falls from a great height, they might take fall damage if they exit the vehicle soon after it touches the ground. This is a bug because the vehicle is supposed to nullify the fall damage once it lands. But that’s not how it’s been working.

We also know that the Storm Flip is coming with this update. Its description in the game’s News tab says players can “unleash the storm or tame it,” which isn’t enough to understand how this item will work. Our guesses are it will let players make the storm move earlier than usual, stop it momentarily, or change its path.

We should have full details about the v9.20 update tomorrow.