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Fortnitemare challenges part 4 wants you to destroy everything about Cube Monsters

It's time to unleash your rage against these AI enemies.

Image via Epic Games

The final set of challenges for the new Fortnite: Battle Royale Halloween event Fortnitemares is out. Players can now jump into the game to complete the fourth part of challenges, which will let them unlock the epic glider Dark Engine. The challenges also grant some experience points for each completed challenge.

Players who did not finish the previous three sets of challenges can start from this fourth if they wish, but they will have to complete all Fortnitemare challenges from every set if they want the Dark Engine glider. Unlike the other three sets, the fourth set has six challenges instead of four, but it still includes interacting in different ways with corrupted areas and Cube Monsters and Spawns.

Fortnitemares: Part Four

Destroy Elite Cube Monsters (10)500 XP
Damage Cube Fragments (2500)
500 XP
Deal damage to Cube Monsters in a single match (1000)
500 XP
Visit different Corrupted Areas in a single match (4)
500 XP
Destroy Cube Fragments500 XP
Complete Fortnitemare Challenges (14)
500 XP and Dark Engine glider

The Elite Cube Monsters have a bright purple aura around them. It should not be that hard to take them down after you take control of the area around a cube fragment. They have a bit more health than regular Monsters and Spawns, but you can still take them down easily with headshots. It might not be a good idea to rush this challenge in the early game since you might be taken down by an enemy that hears or sees you fighting these Elite monsters. If you want to focus on this challenge, you can complete it in a single match.

Damaging Cube Fragments should be completed almost at the same time as the Destroy Cube Fragments challenge. Use assault rifles and SMGs to complete both challenges with ease.

Since Cube Monsters spawn from these fragments, the challenge of dealing damage to them can also be completed at the same time. If you dominate a Corrupted Area, you can complete these three challenges at once in the early game.

The Corrupted Areas challenge is also easy if you focus on survival. A good tip is to drop near one and rotate to the others that are on the borders on the storm circle. That way you can avoid players rushing towards the center of the safe zone.

After you finish all these challenges, you will have to go back to the ones from parts one, two, and three that you missed to complete the 14 Fortnitemare challenges and unlock the Dark Engine glider.