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Fortnite’s volcano is getting ready to erupt because of the fourth rune

It will likely erupt at the start of season nine.

Image via Epic Games.

The volcano in Fortnite is getting ready to erupt, and the runes that are tied to the mysterious hatch in Loot Lake are the likely cause.

It’s beginning to look like a lot is going to happen with the end of season eight and the start of season nine in Fortnite. A Reddit user posted a clip of the fourth rune activating the fourth lock on the hatch.

Once that event occurred, players noticed that the Fortnite volcano started to smoke. It appears to be more active than it’s ever been, leading players to believe that it’s heralding an eruption soon. Since this will be the final week for challenges in season eight, it’s most likely pointing toward an eruption in season nine.

Epic Games often does game-changing events at the start and end of a season to usher in new changes and themes. But the volcano eruption probably won’t be the only event to happen on the island. This was activated by the fourth rune that’s unlocking the hatch at Loot Lake.

There’s only one more rune left to find and activate before the hatch will presumably open. Players mined the data for Fortnite to discover an in-game model for a lake spaceship hull. It’s possible that a spaceship is hiding underneath Loot Lake and will emerge at the start of season nine. It’ll be intriguing to find out how the ship and volcano erupting are connected.