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Fortnite skins of Xenomorph and Ripley leaked

The battle royale is heading to space.

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Image via Sega

More leaks seem to hint at Fortnite’s next cosmetics being themed on the horror movie franchise, Alien. After an image of a portal reminiscent of the films’ ship was leaked yesterday, two skins that are potentially set to join the game were revealed earlier today.

The leak shows a promotional image featuring Ripley, the main protagonist of Alien who was also featured in Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection, as well as a Xenomorph skin, the enemy of every film in the series.

The Predator already joined the game in Fortnite‘s fifth season of Chapter Two. Its foe, Alien, might come next to give some Alien vs. Predator action in the battle royale and add to the game’s long list of crossovers.

A different crossover was also reportedly revealed some days ago, hinting this time at a collaboration with Capcom and Street Fighter.

Meanwhile, Chapter Two, season five of Fortnite still has some weeks to go since it’s set to end on March 15.

More information on the next season, and the possible crossover involving the Alien and Street Fighter licenses, will likely be revealed soon by Epic Games.