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Fortnite’s next collaboration could be with Street Fighter

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Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s multiverse could be growing to include some Shoryukens, Hadoukens, and maybe even some Tatsumaki Senpukyakus.

New files of an upcoming portal were found by Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR and it’s pointing to a potential collaboration with Capcom and Street Fighter.

An image and a sound file were decrypted from the files, teasing the new crossover. The image shows what will be seen through the portal and it’s a Street Fighter 2 level called Suzaku Castle, while the sound file plays what sounds like a version of Ryu’s theme song.

Two new characters are expected to come with the collaboration and they could be in the Item Shop within the next few days. Encrypted files suggest that it could be one male and one female character.

With Street Fighter’s huge roster of characters, the possibilities are limitless. But common sense dictates that they’ll likely be Ryu and Chun Li, arguably the two most famous fighters in the series.

Fortnite has added a slew of new collaborations this season, including God of War, Halo, The Flash, Tron: Legacy, G.I. Joe, and The Walking Dead.