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Fortnite leak video reveals possible ending of the Loot Lake event

Vaulted items are back, to some extent.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players who’ve missed the giant purple cube Kevin might be happy to know that a new three-dimensional shape with special powers could come to the game to quench their thirst for geometry. Data miners found that the Loot Lake hatch could reveal a huge blue sphere of energy that will give players the power to choose which items are coming back from the vault.

Data miner Lucas7yoshi was able to get the video of the alleged sphere event. Six shattered glass pillars, three to the right and three to the left, form a corridor that leads to the blue sphere. Each pillar holds one of the six most-used items or weapons that were vaulted and are no longer in the game’s default game modes: Drum Gun, Tactical SMG, Infinity Sword, Bouncer trap, X-4 Stormwing planes, and the Grappler. A desk is at the end of the corridor in front of the sphere.

The vaulted items in the video are the same that another data miner found in the game files after last week’s v8.50 update. They found that these six items and the Loot Lake hatch were somehow linked by the word “vault,” which led players to believe that what they’re trying to open is Fortnite’s vault. A voting system was also part of these leaks, so players might be able to vote in-game for which item they want to come back to the game for the next season or update.

Players are on their way to opening the hatch. They’ve plugged four of five runes into the metal structure by pickaxing them, aligning lasers, and partying with them. The fifth (and likely last) rune should be revealed today, and the Loot Lake mystery could be solved today if players decipher the last rune’s riddle quickly. Whatever it is, it probably follows the other four runes’ pattern of tasking players with doing something collectively across all matches around the world.

Lucas7yoshi, who made this recording, told Dot Esports in the middle of season eight that video leaks could be impossible to make as we approached season nine. Fortunately for players who like a sneak peek at what’s coming, he was wrong.

It’s still unclear if it’ll happen as soon as the hatch opens or if it’s a pre-season nine event. Regardless, players should see the new blue sphere sometime this week, or by May 8 at the latest—when the new season starts.